ZP teacher detained for “sexually assaulting” seven underage students

A teenager and his cousin, who was in their 20s, were electrocuted by an electric cable as they went to catch crabs on a pasture near Kamshet in Pune district on Monday evening during heavy downpours in the area .

Rural police in Pune identified the deceased as Avinash Bagad (16) and his cousin as Ravindra Bagad (23), both residents of Shirde village in Maval taluka. Officials from Kamshet Police Station under Pune Rural jurisdiction said a group of seven youths visited the area, located about 60 km from Pune city, on Monday evening.

Sub-Inspector Abhijit Pawar, who is investigating the case, said: “A group of seven local youths went to a pasture in the Ussan Pathar area on Monday evening to catch crabs. It was raining very hard in the area. Two of them were electrocuted by a power cable on the ground which was exposed possibly due to heavy rains. Police said an investigation was underway into how the cable was exposed and led to the electrocution of young people.