Will Smith beats Chris Rock live on television during the Oscars 2022 ceremony

Actor Will Smith hit actor / comedian Chris Rock on live TV during the Oscars at an unwritten moment after a joke was made about Smith’s wife.

Will Smith beat Chris Rock live on stage during the Oscars in 2022. Rock, an actor and stand-up comedian, has previously hosted the Oscars and is known for his comic chops. In addition to stand-up comedy and host concerts, Rock has appeared in a number of features, most recently in So V restart, Spiral. Rock also appeared most recently in the FX series Fargo.

Smith is the star of the Oscar nominee King Richard, which he is preoccupied with for best male lead. The actor has previously been nominated for his performances in the pursuit of happiness and Ali. Smith recently released his autobiography, “Will”, and has appeared in a number of reality shows, including the NatGeo series Welcome to Earth at Disney +, as well as his The best shape of my life YouTube series.


While Rock was on stage to present Best Documentary, the actor / comedian made a few jokes about the other contestants, one of whom was Will Smith’s wife, Jade Pinkett-Smith. That joke was in relation to Pinkett-Smith’s short hair, which compared her to GI Jane. Pinkett-Smith was visibly annoyed by the joke, after which Smith approached the stage and beat Rock before returning to his seat. Rock responded, saying “Will Smith just knocked the shit out of me.” Smith shouted at Rock from his seat and said: “Keep my wife’s name out of your damn mouth!”, which he repeated twice. Rock, seemingly dazed by the reaction, but continued to hand over the award. See the full unscripted moment below:

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Source: Variety, Timothy Burke

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