Why Paedon thinks Meri’s marriage to Kody will not last

Sister Wives’ Paedon Brown comments on why he does not believe that Meri Brown’s marriage to Kody Brown has a chance to last forever.

Paedon Brown from Sister Wives has been remarkably honest lately, and now he’s discussing Meri Brown’s marriage to his father, Kody Brown. The only son of Christine Brown and Kody shares his insider thoughts about his father’s lack of relationship with some of his wives, leaving fans on edge. Paedon from Sister Wives does not hold back when it comes to letting viewers know how he really feels.

Back in February, Paedon began throwing small loaves of bread around the rest of the Browns, starting with a devastating attack on Kody via his TikTok. Paedon is Christine and Kody’s third child, and he’s had a couple of tough years when it comes to relationships in his family. Kody and Christine share Gwendlyn, Mykelti, Ysabel, Aspyn and Truely Brown. Paedon’s relationship with his siblings has not always been the best, but he tries his best to work on them. He seems to enjoy taking a trip to his relatives as no one strikes back.


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The star of Sister Wives took back his TikTok to share some unpopular opinions about Meri. Paedon opened a can of worms when he shared that he does not believe Meri from Sister Wives will ever leave the whole family. As TLC fans know, Meri has been alienated from Kody and most of the family for the past decade after she lost his trust through her catfishing scandal. Paedon went on to tell that he was not even that close to Kody’s first wife and that he was estranged from Mariah Brown, Kody and Mary’s only child.

Paedon Brown and Sister Wives

As Sister Wives viewers learned, Meri will no longer have a romantic relationship with Kody, who last season stated that he was not romantically attracted to her. Viewers can not understand why Meri wants to continue participating in a loveless marriage, especially since Kody’s other wives have also spoken freely about their problems. Sister Wives‘Meri recently shared on Instagram that she had weighed all her options and made the decision to stick with Kody.

Too many Sister Wives fans, Paedon seems to stir in the pot and enjoy it. He recently wore a t-shirt that made fun of Robyn Brown and her nanny. The National Guard cadet also revealed that he and his sister Gwen have not spoken since he admitted to having given her a blow. While Paedon may be sharing his truth, fans are wondering what the rest of the Browns are thinking.

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