Why Meri’s House is bigger than Janelle & Christine’s

Meri typically gets the short end of the stick in Sister Wives. Fans explain how Meris Flagstaff House is bigger than Janelle and Christine’s.

Unfortunately, Kody Brown’s wives have become accustomed to receiving inconsistent amounts of love from their husbands in Sister Wives, and fans noted that another inequality between the polygamists is found in the size of Meri’s house. Although she has the fewest children and is typically the last to receive special treatment from Kody, viewers noted that Meri’s home is much larger than Christine and Janelle Brown’s modest houses. From her extra income streams to her newfound independent spirit, here’s why Sister Wives fans believe Meri’s the house is bigger than Janelle and Christines.

Throughout her shaky journey in Sister Wives, Meri has gotten used to getting the short end of the stick. Although she was Kody’s first wife, Meri has fallen far short of her spiritual husband’s grace, as the couple has gone from loving spouses to girlfriends during their decade starring in Sister Wives. Unfortunately, Meri illustrated that she is the least connected to the rest of her family as she spent most of Sister Wives season 16 in quarantine alone in his house to comply with Kody’s strict COVID-19 guidelines. Fortunately for the original sister-in-law, fans realized that Meri’s house is bigger than Janelle and Christine’s. Although she’s used to settling for the latter, Meris Flagstaff’s home easily surpasses that of her fellow sisters.


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Unfortunately, Kody Brown has not been the best to treat all his family members right through Sister Wives‘decade-exciting race. Most obviously, Kody’s relationship with Robyn is much more functional than his connections with his first trio of sister wives. Because of this imbalance, Meri, Janelle and Christine are typically stuck in the same boat, except when it comes to Sister Wives‘Flagstaff properties. While Janelle and Christine live in affordable homes, viewers noted that Meri inexplicably lives in the larger of the three. Some viewers can not see how Meri managed to serve the largest house of the original three sister wives as she lives alone and would be least likely to get support from Kody. Fans pointed out that Meri was able to snatch the nicest house by learning to support herself. One Reddit user shared, “At the time, [Meri] paid for everything himself. “

Meri Brown speaks in Sister Wives

Though Thanks to Janelle Brown As the financially wise sister-in-law, Meri is busy making her own money as her relationship with Kody has gone south. Most memorably, Meri undertook her passion project of opening her own bed and breakfast. While it’s unclear how lucrative the B&B business is, Meri’s also gained a lot of traction by selling clothes with the controversial business, LuLaRoe. Although viewers have questioned the ethics of Meri’s venture, fans believe it has earned her enough money to make significant purchases like her big house. One commenter explained, “Meri has more money than any of them. She’s busy.” In addition, viewers believe that Meri’s house is larger than Janelle’s because Janelle is a saver. A fan remarked, “Janelle has always been WILDly frugal.” Since Meri is virtually alone, the sister-in-law feels free to spend her money as she sees fit.

Meri gets perhaps the slightest love from Kody Brown ind Sister Wives, but the size of the original sister’s home outweighs her loneliness. Although she does not seem like the most affluent Sister Wives star, fans believe that Meri’s house is bigger than Janelle and Christine’s because of her career as a saleswoman and her freedom to spend her money as she pleases. Hopefully, Meris’ disproportionately massive house outweighs the minimal amount of devotion she earned from Kody in Sister Wives.

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