Why fans think Tom & Katie are better as friends

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are still on friendly terms despite announcing their divorce, and Vanderpump Rules fans think they are better as friends.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are still on friendly terms despite announcing their divorce and Water pump rules fans think they were always better off as friends. Many were surprised by Katie and Tom’s announcement of a breakup last week. After 12 years together, Katie and Tom finally realized that they wanted different things in life. But since they confirmed the divorce rumors, Katie and Tom still suggest how well they are doing together.

Tom and Katie shared many of their ups and downs over the course of the series’ nine seasons. They got to film their wedding in 2016 for the show, so longtime fans have followed their journey as a couple. As most of the OGs began to settle down and welcome babies, many assumed Tom and Katie were next in queue. They were the first to get married, so many assumed they would be the first to expand their family. But instead of announcing a pregnancy, Katie and Tom recently announced that they were splitting up after 12 years together.


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Since announcing the breakup, Katie and Tom have recently shown how good they still feel. Reddit user u / lynnbrianna shared a screenshot of Tom’s latest Instagram Story post showing a picture of Katie sipping a drink. The couple seemed to grab drinks together. One Redditor noted that Katie reposted Tom’s photo of her on her own Instagram story. The posts seemed to tease Katie and Tom’s continued friendship in the middle of their divorce notice. “Maybe now that the pressure of sticking to their marriage is gone, they can return to having their friendship? “ said a Redditor. “They may be so relieved that a decision has been made that they are safe being friends,“added another.

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Many shared their support for Katie and Tom’s seemingly amicable breakup. Others highlighted how often Katie and Tom would fight in the show, but were always able to figure out their differences. “These two had the most tumultuous relationship ever, but have the most amicable breakup I have ever seen.said a Redditor. A fan wondered if Katie and Tom wanted to quit up as Frank and Dolores Catania of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and continue living together long after their divorce. Others mentioned how much Katie and Tom love each other, but noticed how they are not “compatible” as a married couple.

Since Katie and Tom have so many mutual friends, it will be hard for them not to spend time together. Tom told how difficult it was for him to come to terms with the breakup because of how long they have been together. Katie and Tom have now joined Lala Kent and Randall Emmett and James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss as the latest Water pump rules couple to say it up. A lot of new beginnings will be introduced if the show returns for season 10.

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