Why fans think Angelina has feelings for Vinny

Angelina Pavarnick and Vinny Guadagnino have an iconic hate / love affair. Find out why some people think there may be more than one can see,

Angelina Pavarnick and Vinny Guadagnino may be wearing the ultimate hate-love relationship Jersey Shore: Family Holiday, but some fans believe that Angelina’s feelings are actually more on the love side. Those two The residents of the State of Iceland have disagreed since their first days Jersey Shore. While Angelina had a short stay in Seaside Heights after refusing to work in season 1, the now 35-year-old returned to season 2 in Miami – and quickly started fighting with her housemates, especially the other women and Vinny. After being in a verbal altercation with Vinny prior to a night of drinking, the couple shocked their roommates (and viewers) by getting out in the back of a taxi on their way home – before joining.


Despite their one-night outing and subsequent fallout, Vinny and Angelina have been relatively cordial over the years. While Vinny has remained a qualified bachelor, Angelina’s wedding to Chris Larangeira was documented throughout. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 3. After a drama-filled reception it pitted Angelina up against her bridesmaids Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese, Vinny stepped up to help host a wedding again. Between finding a dress, sending out invitations and walking Angelina down the hall, guest Chippendale put the past behind him to create a great day for Angelina and Chris.

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Angelina and Chris are officially divorced after two years of marriage – Angelina first filed papers in 2021 but withdrew them – and some Jersey Shore fans believe that feelings for Vinny may play a small role. Viewers of the program note that the two have seemed to consistently flirt for years, with names that mask Angelina’s true feelings towards the 34-year-old. Calls Vinny and Angelina’s teasing “sexual excitement” several threads on Reddit have slammed Angelina to engage in Vinny while still married to Chris. An indication that Angelina may have feelings for Vinny comes from the corporeality Angelina shows towards him; the certified EMT engaged in an emotional pillow fight with Vinny under Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 3, while another episode featured Angelina grabbing Vinny in an intimate area. Vinny’s BFF DJ Pauly D, who is typically the voice of reason in the group, says it best: “What the hell is going on here?”


If Angelina’s actions create speculation among fans, how she talks to and about Vinny is the so-called cherry on top. Despite being married, Angelina has said some dubious things that Reddit users believe cross a line. Since her wedding, the star has been seen discussing not only sexual activities in detail, but then denying that she wants to attend with Vinny – without provocation. Angelina has also been in hot water with the viewers and her Jersey Shore: Family Vacation co-stars after starts a false rumor about Vinny. Angelina was sent in January and was seen telling the group that Vinny had made a girl pregnant in retaliation for previous rumors spread about her.

As for Vinny, the Jersey Shore guido has made it clear that he is not interested in Angelina romantically. In fact, he spoke recently U.S and admitted that he would rather “bail out [his balcony]” than date the other Staten Islander. Just a few months ago, Vinny and Pauly returned to MTV for A double shot of love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny season 3; Vinny is also returning to Las Vegas for another stay in Chippendale. With enough drama to last a lifetime, Angelina and Vinny’s hate / love relationship continues Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is one of the ultimate standouts.

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