Who will win this tractor challenge? So what?

BBC Three has been back in a week now and we finally get to see one of its new flagship shows, The fast and the peasant-like. But this confusingly boring program seems unlikely to capture the young viewers that the channel is courting.

Each episode sees two teams of three young farmers from across the UK put their favorite tractors through various challenges to determine whose vehicle is the best. Checkshirt Choppers from Somerset represented England and faced Diva Drivers from Leicester.

Boys vs girls; my willingness to live vs half an hour of tractor footage. Who would come out on top? At times, it felt almost too close to call – and I still could not bring myself to break quite a lot.

The first challenge was a bog race, where representatives from each team took turns to see who could drive their tractors fastest through a swamp. The next was something called the X Tractor, where they drove around on an X-shaped track while avoiding piles of tires and singing, as judged by Radio 1 DJ Gemma Bradley.

According to Bradley, the girls were the best performers – but as in the first challenge, the boys steamed forward in terms of speed. Could Diva Drivers pull competitors back from the edge?

With one round left – tractor bowling, with participants pushing wheels into sheds to try to knock them down for points – I was not exactly on the edge of my seat.

Tractors in action (Photo: Alleycats TV / BBC)

Eleven million people living in rural UKwith a quarter of them under 30 – but living in the country does not mean that you like tractors more than living in a city means that you like cars?

A love of tractors could have created The fast and the peasant-like more interesting, but for those of us who only care a little about them, it was hard to feel anything but bored.

The fast and the peasant-like is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now

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