Who was the original dragon (and what happened to him)?

Wheel of Time’s Dragon Reborn prophecy is about the reincarnation of the man who “broke the world” – but who was he, and was he really a villain?

The Dragon Reborn prophecy in the heart of The wheel of time raises questions about the identity of the original dragon – the so-called man who “broke the world.” Like Robert Jordan’s books, Amazon’s show centers in eight episodes on the search for Dragon Reborn, a person whom Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) believes is the key to beating the dark. Prior to discovering the identity of The wheel of time‘s Dragon Rebornto protect the possible candidates for his reincarnation, Moiraine and Lan’s primary goal in The wheel of time season 1.

According to knowledge of Wheel of Time, Dragon Reborn can be male or female. From episode 1 onwards, it is suggested that his spirit now resides in either Rand al’Thor (Josha Stradowksi), Mat Cauthon (Barney Harris), Perrin Aybara (Marcus Rutherford), Egwene al’Vere (Madeleine Madden) or Nynaeve al ‘ Meara (Zoë Robbins). At the end of The wheel of time season 1, Dragon Reborn is confirmed as Rand. In the books, the coming of Dragon Born was prophesied for centuries, with people all over the world waiting for his birth, as it was widely believed that he was the only person who could save the world when the Dark One was released from prison. However, it was also said that his mastery and strength in The wheel of time‘s legendary One Power would judge the world when darkness fell. For these reasons, Dragon Reborn was certainly a figure to be feared Tim’s wheeland saga.


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The significance of the Dragon Reborn mystery to The wheel of time makes the identity of the original dragon incredibly significant. The fact that he “shattered the world“suggests he was a villain, but his story is a little more complicated than that. The prologue to the first book, The eye of the world, introduced the original Dragon and dived deep into a crucial moment in his life. It was revealed the original dragon in The wheel of time was Lews Therin Telamonan incredibly strong male member of The wheel of time‘s Aes Sedai order and the greatest enemy of darkness. Apparently he became a famous hero after he and his army saved humanity from the dark, but fell from grace as he developed what the books call “Madness.

The Dark Corrupted Saidin, which is half the True Source that men have to use to use the One Power. Because of this, men who use one power are destined to become insane. That, in the end, is what happened to Lews Therin and his followers, who brought death and destruction everywhere by causing a far-reaching, catastrophic event called The Breaking of the World. When he got over the madness, he realized what he had done. Overcome by grief, he killed himself through a massive release of One Power, thereby creating a volcanic mountain known as Dragonmount.

To characters in The wheel of time world, it’s easy to see why the Dragon would be thought of as an evil and insane mass murderer, even if it’s not really an accurate description of his character. Since not everyone knew his entire story, the human side of Lews Therin and the idea that he was a victim of Dark Planning was often overlooked. This is especially important when you consider that Rand, the new Dragon Reborn, is also experiencing a moment of “Madness“when you channel One Power in The wheel of time‘s finale. This eventually causes him to leave Moiraine and instructs her to tell everyone that he is dead to avoid hurting anyone, as Lews Therin did before him. Look forward to The wheel of time season 2, it will be interesting to see if Rand returns and how the story of the original dragon continues to evolve.

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