Who had to resign to break the Covid rules? The MPs and government advisers who resign because of the restrictions

A number of senior politicians and government advisers have resigned since the beginning of the pandemic due to breaches of coronavirus rules.

The Prime Minister has been involved in “partygate” saga since it was first reported that one drinks party was held on Downing Street in May 2020 while the country operated under strict Covid-19 rules.

Johnson admitted today that he was at the party, but claimed he had thought it was a work event and that he only stayed for 25 minutes. He offered a “heartfelt apology” to the British public during the Prime Minister’s question, saying he should have ended the party and sent staff back indoors.

Here is a list of the politicians and advisers who have resigned after breaking the Covid-19 rules.

Dr. Catherine Calderwood

Dr. Catherine Calderwood was Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer (Photo: Getty)

Scotland’s chief physician dr. Catherine Calderwood resigned after two trips to her second home during the first coronavirus lockdown.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon originally supported Dr. Calderwood to remain in her position and said she made a mistake.

But Dr. Calderwood issued a statement on April 5, 2020, announcing her resignation, saying she did not want her actions to be a “distraction” from the government’s pandemic response.

Professor Neil Ferguson

Professor Neil Ferguson stepped aside from his influential role at SAGE (Photo: BBC)

Professor Neil Ferguson’s research helped shape the UK’s lockdown strategy for coronavirus, but he resigned as government adviser on May 5, 2020, after admitting it he broke the rules of social distance by meeting his lover in his home.

His girlfriend Antonia Staats traveled across London to visit her home at least twice on March 30 and April 8, reported Daily Telegraph.

The epidemiologist, who heads a group of scientists at Imperial College London, said his actions were a “judgment error”. He withdrew from the Government Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (Sage).

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock was photographed kissing Gina Coladangelo when he was Minister of Health (Photo: PA)

Matt Hancock resigned as health minister on June 26 last year after it emerged that he had violated the guidelines of social distancing by kissing helps Gina Coladangelo in his office.

The sun published photos and a video of Mr. Hancock kisses Mrs. Coladangelo, both of whom were married with children. The incident reportedly took place on May 6 of the same year, and before intimate contact with anyone outside your own household was permitted under the then guidelines.

In his farewell letter, Mr Hancock wrote: “We have worked as hard as a country to fight the pandemic. The last thing I want is for my private life to distract attention from the determined focus that is leading us out of this crisis.”

Allegra Stratton

Allegra Stratton resigned in a tearful announcement outside her home in north London (Photo: PA)

Allegra Stratton resigned as the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman for the COP26 summit following the leak of a video shows Downing Street staff joking about holding a Christmas party in 2020 under Covid-19 restrictions.

Ms Stratton left the role on December 8, 2021. She gave a tear-jerking speech, offering her “deep apologies” for her remarks, saying, “I will regret these remarks for the rest of my days.”

Johnson apologized for the video that day and told lawmakers he was “furious” about it and wanted to launch an investigation.

Shaun Bailey

Shaun Bailey has resigned from an official role in the London assembly following reports that he attended a “raucous” party under Tier 2 restrictions (Photo: Henry Nicholls / Reuters)

Former Tory London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey resigned from his second role in the London Assembly this week in the midst of the ongoing “partygate” scandal.

Sir. Bailey left his post as chairman of the assembly’s finance committee this week, sources at City Hall said. Local Democracy Reporting Service.

It comes after he resigned from his role as chairman of the Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee last month after it was revealed he was attending a “raucous” party that broke down the lockdown rules on December 14, 2020 .

Margaret Ferrier

Margaret Ferrier, MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West, is accused of endangering people by traveling between Glasgow and London by train with symptoms of coronavirus (Photo: PA)

MP Margaret Ferrier will stand trial in August this year, after being accused of traveling between Glasgow and London in September 2020 knowing she had symptoms of coronavirus.

She deliberately denies having exposed people to the risk of illness and death by taking the trips despite being told to isolate herself.

Mrs Ferrier, representing Rutherglen and Hamilton West, was suspended by the SNP in September 2020 and pleaded not guilty at Glasgow Sheriff’s Court. She has received bail.

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