Which Vampire Diaries character are you based on the month you were born?

The grades of The Vampire Diaries are dynamic and varied with a lot of complex developments and character traits that defined their arcs through the seasons.

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Each character in the series makes their own special impression. And not surprisingly, these impressions can be easily matched with the special moods of all months throughout the year. But which The Vampire Diaries would a fan be character based on their birthday month?

Updated January 13, 2022 by Hilary Elizabeth: There are so many memorable characters on The Vampire Diaries that it’s hard to narrow down twelve great players who embodied each month of the year. So even more fan-favorite TVD characters and their corresponding birth months can be discussed.


January – Alaric Saltzman

Those born in the month of January are people with strong discipline, morals and family values. They are known to be rather prickly and unfathomable on the outside, but once they have brought someone into their inner circle, they are the most loyal.

January is a time for new beginnings, and although it is one of the coldest winter months, it is also a month of transformation. While each character in the series undergoes some sort of transformation, Alaric’s transition from a normal teacher to a vampire hunter who could even pose a threat to Damon and Stefan seems to symbolize the fresh start to the new year.

February – Tyler Lockwood

Those born in February are known to be independent thinkers and they also have a great passion for humanity.

While Tyler Lockwood may not look like an artistic humanitarian on the surface, he’s really the only person in the Mystic Falls gang who had any mind on issues that were bigger than survival. Tyler broke free from Klaus’ ribbon, and he used that freedom to free the other hybrids that had been enslaved.

February – Rebekah Mikaelson

Another TVD character that apparently represents the month of February well is Rebekah. As everyone knows, February is best known for hosting Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love.

Above all, Rebekah is notorious for her complete inability to give up love, no matter how many times she is burned by it. And like Bekah, February may seem a little chilly and unfriendly on the outside, but at heart, romance is the key to everything.

March – Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett vampire diaries

March is another transition month within the year, it is right on the edge of winter and brings the season into spring. This seems like a pretty apt representation of Bonnie Bennett, the hero from Mystic Falls.

When things seem hopeless and lifeless in the world, Bonnie’s magic metaphorically and often literally brings everything back to life. Witches in The Vampire Diaries is known as the servants of nature, so it is only true that a witch symbolizes the revitalization of nature.

April – Klaus Mikaelson

April is when the year has really started, spring has officially begun and the world seems to be bursting with life.

Klaus may be a literally dead man, but when it comes to the supernatural world of The Vampire Diaries, he is a direct revolutionary. Not only does he dream of transforming the world in a big way, but he has created legions of vampires and is even the start of his own species.

May – Stefan Salvatore

May is without a doubt one of the most pleasant months of the year. The weather is nice, the temperature is quite comfortable and there is nothing that sticks out at the month in a good or bad way.

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Like Stefan, May may be less memorable than some other months of the year, but it’s quite entertaining and a nice respite from the other times of the year that seem to revolve around a particular holiday or season.

June – Caroline Forbes

There is a reason for that Caroline was so fixated on having a June wedding with Stefan right from the start of the series. June is not only considered as the ideal wedding month by many couples, but it is the moment when spring turns into summer.

It’s also the point where most schools end their years and students are blessed with the holiday freedom, which seems to be a pretty apt metaphor for Caroline’s transition from an average girl to an exceptional vampire.

June – Lexi Branson

Lexi on the other hand in season 5 of The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Lexi have a friendship that is so strong that even death can not keep them apart for long, so it is only true that they are also placed next to each other in the calendar. And Lexi really seems like June to Stefan’s May.

She is funnier and more carefree than Stefan is, and she sees the best in her bestie and brings out the wonderful qualities in him. Her happy, unforgettable demeanor is a total June vibe.

July – Jeremy Gilbert

July is the absolute highlight of the summer, which has its good and bad qualities. Of course, many people love summer more than any other season, but sometimes the fun that comes with it can get a little too extreme.

July is a time to party and live in the now, but if someone gets caught up in that feeling, it can go sideways quickly. For example, Jeremy was someone who liked to party and take the edge off, but the wild impulse could get scary pretty quickly.

July – Kol Mikaelson

Another character in The Vampire Diaries who seems suitable for the month of July is Kol Mikaelson. Unlike the more brooding Jeremy, Kol is a great representative of the attitude that accompanies July’s enthusiasm.

Kol is most focused on having as much fun as possible, and he does not worry about much of the drama going on in Mystic Falls. He’s not too serious and he manages to feel good no matter what he does, which is a great attitude for this month.

August – Damon Salvatore

August is the moment when the heat of summer begins to fade into the calm, slightly eerie autumn, so it seems that the August babies are best represented by Damon.

Damon has all the fire and wildness that comes with summer, but he also has the cool, detached mystery that is such a distinct fall feeling. August often manages to feel like two things at once, which fits perfectly the unpredictable Damon Salvatore.

September – Elena Gilbert

September is the true beginning of autumn, which in a way marks the beginning of the end of the year. Of course, there are still a few months left, but autumn represents a more soothing time.

Elena seems like the best symbol of September in The Vampire Diaries, as TVD is largely her story, and it begins essentially as Elena’s more carefree and childish life is replaced by a deeper and gloomier epoch after she loses her parents, an event that does not surprisingly change her completely.

October – Matt Donovan

There is some duality for the fall season and in particular for October. Of course, there’s the more eerie, more gothic side of the month that revolves around Halloween, but there’s also the softer side of fall, which is all about pumpkin-spice lattes and pleasant walks through the changing leaves.

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Matt is apparently leaning into the final aspects of October, as his basic, harmless but still enjoyable nature is basically a pumpkin-spice latte in human form.

October – Kai Parker

On the flip side of that, while Matt Donovan is a great avatar for the Pinterest-perfect aspects of October, Kai is obviously the scary Halloween representative for this ghostly month. Kai Parker is basically a slasher film killer, and he absolutely enjoys being the villain.

He’s the kind of macabre villain who would slaughter his whole family for Halloween and then open his home to trick-or-treaters and pretend the corpses were all part of some artfully haunted vacation home.

November – Katherine Pierce

November is a dark and mysterious month that feels like autumn and winter. At this point, it is clear that the year is coming to an end and many people are ready for it to end. The sun goes down earlier and the days and nights are cooler, which often makes people feel more isolated and alone.

There is no one inside The Vampire Diaries who is more isolated and alone than Katherine Pierce, so the month of November really suits her.

November – Mikael

November is a month that also has many different vibes. Yes, it’s cool and a little gloomy, but it’s also home to Thanksgiving and has now become an extension of Christmas, which are times when everyone likes to focus on the family.

And even though it is in the most twisted way, there is no one more family-oriented than Mikael. The Mikaelsons redefine the term “family dysfunction”, and they really have their father to thank for that.

December – Enzo St. John

December is a unique time of year because it marks the end of things, it is winter and cold, but it is also known as “the most wonderful time of the year” by many.

Enzo seems to be a great character to embody these conflicting elements. For yes, he is a scary, lonely and dangerous vampire, but despite all the darkness he has been through, he is actually a pretty happy guy who still has a lot of optimism in life.

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