Where was Top Boy filmed? Series 4 filming locations in London for the Netflix drama series

Top boy is back and reintroduces us to London’s violent abdomen, where rival gangs compete for control of the drug trade.

The eight-episode long run returns to the Summerhouse Estate, Dushane’s treadmill, played by Ashley Waltersand Jamie, played by Michael Ward.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Top Boy?

Top boy originally started on Channel 4, with two four-episode series ending in 2013.

But it was brought back to a third series of Netflix in 2019, which also gave it 10 episodes to run with.

It became a huge hit and was one of the most watched dramas in the UK.

Series four has eight episodes that take us back to the Summerhouse Estate.

Netflix synopsis says: “This season sees Dushane on the roll. He won the war against young pretender Jamie, leaving his Summerhouse crew unsurpassed and making more money than ever.

“Life with Shelley (Ajikawo) is also going well, giving him the opportunity to dream of a future off the road. But then a problem arises from an unexpected neighborhood, which threatens to make it all collapse. ”

Who participates in Top Boy

Top boy season 2 stars:

  • Ashley Walters (Bulletproof, small island),
  • Kane Robinson,
  • Micheal Ward (A list, blue story),
  • Simbi ‘Little Simz’ Ajikawo,
  • Jasmine Jobson (Lie low, obey),
  • Lisa Dwan (Confidence),
  • Kadeem Ramsay (Sex education, blue history),
  • Safran Hocking (London Kills, white gold),
  • Jolade Obasola,
  • Hope Ikpoku (Bulletproof)
  • Araloylin Oshunremi (Cardiac arrest).

New cast for this season will i.a. Josephine De La Baume (A very secret service), Howard Charles (Shadow and bone), Ava Brennan (Hell’s kid), Erin Kellyman (The Green Knight), as well as rap and grime artist ‘NoLay’ (Natalie Athanasiou) and Adwoa Aboahand debuted as an actor.

Where is Top boy filmed?

Top boy takes place in Hackney in east London and is also mostly busy in London.

The exterior of the Summerhouse Estate was originally filmed at the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle, but it has since been demolished.

Samuda Estate on the Isle of Dogs in East London was chosen as the successor.

Some scenes were filmed in east London in Hackney, Haggerston, Dalston and Newham as well as the town of Thanet in Kent.

Blackfriars Crown Court in Southwark also has

Nightlife scenes were reportedly filmed in Chelsea and Stoke Newington.

Actress Ashley Walters told BBC Radio 2: “We are only allowed to use certain places in Hackney.

“Hackney Council does not let us use everywhere – they have their own reasons that we respect.

“So we have to move around a bit.”

He added: “But the base of where we are shooting is in Hackney and most of our locations are on site.”

This season was different and some of the filming had to take place indoors.

Walters said, “This season we had to use a studio for some of our sets because of Covid.”

“But usually we’re 100 percent on the spot, which helps give it the realistic feel you’re talking about.”

How can I see Top boy?

Top boy is available now on Netflix.

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