When will France open its borders to Britain? Travel ban explained and most recently about when the restrictions will be lifted

France preparing to loosen up travel restrictions for UK visitors within days, according to a French MP.

French National Assembly member Alexandre Holroyd said a “significant easing of travel restrictions will be announced very soon”.

That decision to reopen will be one relief for holidaymakers and the tourism industry, after the ban hit ski resorts hard during the Christmas and New Year period.

With the hope that the ban will now be lifted in time for busy half semester in February, here’s all we know so far.

When will a decision on the reopening of France be announced?

A notice of the travel rules may arrive within a few hours, I understand.

The French cabinet is scheduled to hold a conseil de défense sanitaire or “health defense council” meeting today to discuss easing border restrictions.

These are expected to include a plan to allow UK holidaymakers back to France.

When could British tourists be allowed to return to France?

The travel ban for British tourists is expected to end as soon as this weekend.

A travel agency, Ski Line, is already selling ski trips departing on Saturday in anticipation of the travel ban being lifted.

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The Kent-based travel company said: “French holidays could be back this weekend.

“We expect the French government to issue a statement this Wednesday to confirm that British vaccinated skiers can enter France from this Saturday.”

How long has the travel ban been in force?

Holidaymakers have been locked out of France for more than 3 weeks, which has ruined the winter ski travel plans of thousands of travelers.

France first introduced the ban on tourist travel on 18 December in response to concerns about the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

The rules were relaxed last week to allow some business travel for those with a compelling reason.

What are the current entry rules?

Those currently allowed to enter France from the UK must be fully vaccinated and provide evidence of a negative coronavirus test taken within 24 hours of departure.

Upon arrival, they must isolate themselves for 48 hours and then take a new test.

It is not yet clear whether the test requirements will remain the same or also be relaxed.

What are the Covid restrictions in France?

Travelers must provide proof of vaccination, cure or a recent test to gain access to restaurants, bars and other public places according to France’s passe sanitaire Covid-pas rules.

Proof of a booster jab is also required in most circumstances.

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