When is February halfway to 2022? Dates for the next school holiday in the UK and how to find term times in your area

As students begin to return to school after 6 p.m. Christmas vacation, it does not take long before they are home again for another break.

Next month is the half semester of spring, which usually falls halfway through February – but the dates are different across the country.

So when is spring halfway through and how can you check your area? Here’s what we know.

When is spring halfway?

In England and Wales, the spring semester runs from Monday the 14th to Friday the 18th of February.

They return on February 21 and break up for the Easter holidays around April 9 for two weeks.

Then there is half a semester more, most likely from May 28th to June 5th, before schools turn up for summer around July 27th.

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Semester dates will vary from municipality to municipality, and to find out when schools in England and Wales separate for half a semester, click on here and enter your zip code.

When is half term in Scotland?

Scotland’s schools break down a little earlier than the rest of the UK because terms start a little earlier.

Many schools take a mid-term break from 14-16. February 2022, before breaking up for Easter around April 1st.

Students return to school around April 19 with free Monday, May 2.

Most schools then close for summer in late June, usually around the 24th, although some go back in early July.

Dates will vary from municipality to municipality – to check yours, go to the Scottish Government’s website here.

And Northern Ireland?

School term dates are uniform across Northern Ireland but their half semester is not as long as the rest of the UK and students only have a few days off.

However, Northern Ireland also allows holidays to mark St Patrick’s Day on 17 March and Battle of the Boyne on 12 July.

If you are in Northern Ireland you can search on all dates here.

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