What’s new in the latest Google Messages update

Google Messages gets several new features in the latest update, including the ability to display responses from iPhone users as emojis.

Google Messages recently received an update that brings many new features to the app, including support for iPhone responses. Over the last few years, Google has improved its Messages app which now supports RCS (Rich Communication Service). Apple’s iMessage still works on SMS (Short Message System) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Following the latest update of Messages, Google appealed to Apple to join RCS to improve cross-platform messaging.

If and when Apple’s iMessage service starts working on RCS, both companies will be able to streamline the SMS experience between iPhone and Android smartphones. In 2021, Google Messages introduced end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for all users, making it impossible for third parties or even Google to see the content of a message in the app. For reference, E2EE is used by many web-based moments messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Signal.


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With the latest update to Messages, Google has released support for iPhone responses (sent via iMessage) to all users, after testing it for almost two months. The company began rolling out the feature earlier in 2022. In essence, Android smartphones with Google Messages can now display iMessage responses or Tapbacks in the form of an emoji located in the lower right corner of the message. Earlier, iMessage responses were sent as separate messages to Android users, and these messages included a translation of what the reaction meant.

Other new Google Messages features

Promotional image for Google Messages offering SMS and RCS.

Google has released a few other new features for Messaging. In the future, Android users will be able to share videos in the form of Google Photos links. This would allow both the sender and the recipient of the message to watch the video in its original quality. Google Messages will allow users to share images in the same way in the near future. To reduce clutter in the messaging section of a smartphone, Google has introduced a new feature that allows users to sort their messages into personal and business tabs. This will help users organize their inbox and easily search for specific messages.

Another intuitive feature that comes to the app is deleting one-time password messages within 24 hours. The one-time passwords are not valid for more than a few minutes, and these messages tend to clog the inbox. In addition, Google Messages will nudge users about messages they have not responded to and remind them of upcoming birthdays. These new features are on their way to Android users around the world and should help improve the user experience, especially when it comes to bridging the gap between Google Messages and Apple’s iMessage.

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