What time is Boris Johnson’s announcement today? When to watch Covid update with Plan B restrictions to stay

Boris Johnson will meet with his cabinet this morning to review England Covid Plan B measures.

They will confirm what The Prime Minister has already announced at Tuesday’s press conference in Downing Street – no new restrictions will be introduced, despite the Omicron variant causing record high case numbers.

Later in the afternoon, he will speak in parliament on its first day back after the Christmas holidays.

He will probably face some resistance after The UK reported a record 218,724 new infections Tuesday, January 4 – although admissions and deaths have not yet caught up.

The Prime Minister’s decision not to tighten the restrictions is clear opposition to his colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as all stricter rules after Christmas.

What time is Boris Johnson’s Commons statement?

First, the Prime Minister will chair a cabinet meeting to sign his decision to extend Plan B and not add further restrictions.

He will then meet Sir Keir Starmer on the Prime Minister’s question at a later date at

This is because the Folketing will only sit from 2.30 pm today, as it is the first day left in the new year.

Immediately afterwards, at 3.30pm, he will make a statement to the Commons confirming that England will continue with Plan B measures.

How can I watch live?

You can see the Prime Minister’s statement on the BBC Parliament, which you can find online via BBC iPlayer here.

There will also be coverage on Sky News, which has its own YouTube live feed.

What should we expect?

That applicable rules, Which one include mandates for face mask in public indoor spaces and Covid passes to major venues and events, is set to be extended without additions.

Side flow test before departure for travel to the UK is expected to be scrapped, and confirmatory PCRs will reportedly not be required after positive lateral flows.

Johnson said at Tuesday’s press conference: “As our NHS moves to war, I would recommend the Cabinet that we continue with Plan B.

“We have a chance to ride this Omicron wave without shutting down our country again.

“We can keep our schools and our businesses open, and we can find a way to live with this virus.”

In an attempt to tackle NHS staff shortages, the Prime Minister has announced that 100,000 critical workers will be given daily lateral flow tests.

However, TUC Secretary-General Frances O’Grady said the plan did not go far enough.

“This scheme will only reach one out of every 100 key employees,” she said. “It’s hopelessly inadequate.”

And Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting has accused the Prime Minister of complacency amid rising hospital admissions and test deficiencies.

“There is serious pressure on the NHS,” he said. “The prime minister needs to be honest with the country about this pressure and more importantly explain how he plans to deal with them.”

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