What happened to Calvin Cobb after season 2?

Find out what Calvin Cobb has been doing since becoming No. 3 on Love Island USA season 2. Check out Calvin’s latest Instagram post and career traits.

Many fans are curious to learn more about what Calvin Cobb has been doing since his time Love Island USA season 2 ended in 2020. Despite not being a day-1 islander, Calvin joined Love Island USA cast on day five, so he immediately mingled with the OG crew. At the time, Calvin was introduced as a 25-year-old sales manager from Houston, Texas. He entered the villa the same day as Caleb Corprew, who went on to win season 2 alongside Justine Ndiba.

Calvin’s journey on Love Island was pretty slippery, but things were not always so clear to him. He paired with Moira Tumas during his first pairing session ever, but they did not really treat each other as a pair until much later in the season. In fact, their relationship was so shaky that Calvin returned from Casa Amor after being with Sher Suarez again. Thereafter, he briefly had a friendship with Kierstan Saulter. Oh, Calvin reached it Love Island USA finale with Moira and placed in an overall third place as a finalist pair.


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From 2022, Calvin is still pursuing his modeling career, spending quality time with his friends and family, and traveling the world. Fans who have been following Calvin’s Instagram stories and postings since the show’s end know he came very close to Justine Ndiba and Cely Vazquez as they went through their respective breakups with Caleb Corprew and Johnny Middlebrooks. That said, there was never anything romantic between Caleb and those girls. They were simply a trio of friends who turned out to be so Love Island USA also fan favorites. As can be seen in the posts below, Calvin has experimented with different looks over time, but still looks a lot like himself.

Outside his relationships and friendships from Love Island USA, Calvin has worked hard on his modeling career. As seen in the post above, Calvin was seen as the model on the cover of Narrative magazine recently. The photoshoot was inspired by the 2000 horror film American Psycho with Christian Bale in the lead role. In the film, Bale played investment banker Patrick Bateman – a dangerous and superficial narcissist who went through extreme lengths to achieve what he perceived as perfection. Calvin’s photoshoot referenced several moments from American Psychosuch as scenes of Patrick doing his morning stretch, smiling with blood on his face and using an ax to kill someone.

Certain Love Island It is currently rumored that stars are joining new reality shows, but Calvin’s name has not been on any of the rumors. As a result, fans have kept up with Calvin via Instagram. In any case, who should say whether Love Island USA the finalist will soon return to reality TV.

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Source: Calvin Cobb/ Instagram

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