What does ‘CCFC’ mean for Trinity Valley Cheerleaders?

Cheer season 2 featured Trinity Valley cheerleaders constantly shouting “CCFC.” Now fans want to know what the mysterious acronym could mean.

Fans are watching Encourage season 2 is dying of curiosity to find out what the “CCFC” acronym means to the cheerleaders from Trinity Valley Community College. If it is cheerleading or other sport, in professional leagues or at the school level, several teams have chants, acronyms and other sayings or superstitions that should encourage them to perform their best. As seen on both seasons of Encourage on Netflix, the team at Navarro College has many quirks and insights between the cheerleaders.

For season 2, Netflix went down the street from Navarro College to film the cheerleading team from Trinity Valley in Athens, Texas. New cast members such as coach Vontae Johnson and star athletes such as De’Vonte “Dee” Johnson and Angel Rice came to the forefront to share their stories and talents with the world. As Encourage season 2 went on, fans began to notice that Trinity Valley constantly brought up a particular acronym: “CCFC.” In fact, coach Vontae seems to have the letters “CCFC” on the wall.


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Unfortunately, it’s harder to figure out what “CCFC” means to the athletes in Trinity Valley than most viewers might be aware of. In a report, Distract reached out to former Trinity Valley cheerleader Kyra Bell and asked directly what “CCFC” meant. “I’m so sorry, but I can not tell you that. CCFC is something I’ve had the pleasure of serving, but which I can never share with anyone – not even with family or friends, I apologize!” she told the publication. Based on Kyra’s lack of response and apology, it seems that no one will ever find out what “CCFC” means unless they join the cheerleading team in Trinity Valley.

As can be seen in the tweets above, several Trinity Valley alumni have taken to social media to show their school pride and use the “CCFC” acronym as a hashtag. It seems that TVCC’s inner circle is larger than one might expect, but they are apparently all obliged to keep their sacred acronym a secret. Given how many Cs there are in this four-letter acronym, it is also quite difficult for any outsider to guess or deduce what it could mean. Nevertheless, it seems like something that works for Trinity Valley, so they should definitely keep it going.

The rivalry between Navarro and Trinity Valley made Encourage season 2 even more entertaining than the first season had already been. So far, Netflix is ​​still silent on whether the series will be renewed for a third season. But fans are already eagerly awaiting to see more Encourage in the near future.

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Encourage season 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Distract

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