Warzone Pacific: The Best OTs 9 Loadout

OTs 9 is a valuable SMG to have in Warzone Pacific. The best charge will increase the overall hip-firing accuracy and accuracy of the weapon.

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OTs 9 is one of the better SMGs found in Warzone’s metagame. As the game progresses, new weapons are introduced and older ones get balance patches. For the most part, more weapons receive buffs to make them more viable in combat. Especially now with the new Caldera Pacific map, tons of its main locations have indoor locations. There will be tons of options for melee situations, and SMG is perfect for clearing space in seconds. All SMGs are designed to hold lots of ammunition and quickly defer it.


First, the player must unlock OT’s SMG. While many of the weapons available in season 6 can be unlocked by leveling up War zone kampppas, a handful require players to complete specific challenges. In the case of the OTs, the player must kill two or more players quickly in 15 different matches while using SMGs. To make progression faster, it is much easier for players to complete this challenge in Warzone’s State of looting. The player will still have access to the entire card, but after death they will be resumed. This will save lots of time to complete this challenge.

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After unlocking the OTs, the next step will be to level up. Each weapon has its own level-up system attached to it. Each level will give players a new attachment to the weapon. For the most diverse loadout, the player should aim to unlock them all. Fortunately, War zone occasionally offers XP tokens to get up to level faster. Keep an eye on them when they show up. These are the best attachments for use on the OTs 9.

The best OTs 9 SMG Loadout in Warzone

COD Warzone OTs 9 SMG OP Meta best weapon
  • Muzzle: GRU suppressor: Prevents players from appearing on the mini-card when shooting. It also increases ball range, recoil control and ball speed.
  • Barrel: 8.1 ″ Task Force: Increases weapon speed and range.
  • Under barrel: Spetsnaz Grip: Increases recoil control.
  • Rear grip: Serpent Wrap: Increases aim-down-to-aim speed, but lowers sprint-to-launch time.
  • Ammunition: Spetsnaz 40 Rnd: This is the largest magazine for SMGs. Use it to carry the most bullets.

The OTs are a weapon to spray and pray. Players must become familiar with entering a room and blasting without aiming. These attachments increase the weapon’s hip firing accuracy, making these shots more likely to hit. SMGs are also very lightweight, making it easy to sprint towards or away from certain situations. Although players can use the Overkill perk to carry another primary weapon in a single charge. Plyers can add one of Warzone’s Sniper Rifles for their charge to compensate for the lack of reach of SMGs.

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War zone is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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