Warring seeks audience with Kejriwal, presses to run Punjab buses to IGI airport

Punjab Transport Minister Amarinder Singh Raja Warring asked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for time to ask him to allow State Transport Company (STU) buses to travel from Punjab to the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport.

In a semi-official letter to Kejriwal on October 7, a copy of which Warring shared with a post on his Facebook page on Monday, the Minister of Transport wrote: “The problem is with the transportation department stopping the bus service. from Delhi in November 2018 to Indira Gandhi International Airport, which was operated by the State Transportation Company for the convenience of passengers traveling to the airport from various cities in Punjab. In this regard, there have been many meetings with the Delhi Department transport authorities and many requests have been sent including the aforementioned DO letters to you and the Minister of Transport but to no avail for the best reason. known to them. On the other hand, Delhi Transportation Department allows private bus operators to operate their buses to Delhi International Airport.

Warring wrote: “In this regard, I would again ask to meet you in person and allow us to operate buses by STU from Punjab to Delhi International Airport. As a result, an appropriate date and time can be given, so that I can come and make a request to settle [th]is a long-standing question.

In the Facebook post, Warring pointed out that buses operated by STUs were prevented from going to Delhi International Airport in November 2018 and wrote: “You all know that the Delhi government’s indifference towards l The common man could be easily assessed by the fact that the transportation department has authorized private bus operators to run buses to Delhi International Airport. As Minister of State Transportation, he is of my primary duty to provide affordable and quality service to people and I have been working in this direction from day one. ”

The Delhi government had stopped buses operated by the Punjab’s STUs to travel to Indira Gandhi International Airport, claiming they had a stage transport permit. Those allowed are tourist buses with end-to-end operations that transport passengers from a single boarding point to the destination point.