Vow Of The Disciple Raid (Rhulk Encounter)

Rhulk is the last boss in The promise of the disciple Raid ind Fate 2, and this battle is also the last encounter that the fire brigade will have to complete to defeat Raid. Before players are able to damage Rhulk, they must complete two phases involving the symbols present throughout The promise of the disciple. Fortunately, the mechanics of this fight are actually not as complex as they seem to be. Instead, the biggest threat is Rhulk himself and the huge amount of damage he can inflict on the fire department.

While Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher with its catalyst is perfect for the damage phase against Rhulk, only one teammate needs to use it for the rest of the fire team to win the Wolfpack rounds for their rocket launchers. Four of the remaining Guardians should ideally use Izanagi’s Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle, a rocket launcher with auto-Loading Holster perk, and whichever primary weapon they find appropriate. Alternatively, those who do not have Izanagi’s Burden can use another sniper rifle and replace their rocket launcher with Sleeper Stimulant, or even use Gjallarhorn. The final Guardian should have the Divinity equipped, as Rhulk is constantly moving during the injury phase and will easily beat the fire team outside of a Well of Radiance, forcing the team to move constantly as well.


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Equivalent to Caretaker meeting in The promise of the disciple, the fire team must be divided into two teams to control everything that happens through each phase, even if the whole group remains in the same place. This time, however, the fire team will have three Guardians appointed for crowd control, while the other three teammates prioritize handling buffs and debuffs from Rhulk. To begin the meeting, shoot Rhulk as he hovers over the stairs.

Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness Phase 1

Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple Raid (Pathway To The Caretaker)

As soon as the meeting begins, a teammate has to shoot the pyramid notch over Rhulk to get the Leeching Force debuff. The fire brigade then has 44 seconds to kill the newly born enemies, including the Glyphkeepers. Anyone weapons in Fate 2 which uses primary ammunition must be used here so that the Special and Heavy Ammo weapons can be stored for Rhulk’s damage phase. Once the Glyphkeepers are dead, the teammate with the Leeching Force debuff must step onto the central plate. Two more pyramid shards will arise over Rhulk, and two more teammates must destroy them, so each of them has Leeching Force debuff. Shooting these new shards will remove the Leeching Force from the original teammate.

Next, one of the two new Guardians who has the Leeching Force must jump into the energy beam that Rhulk fires to turn the debuffet into the Emanating Force. The Guardians with Leeching Force or Emanating Force can see the set of symbols revealed by defeating the Taken Glyphkeeper, as well as how the artifact holders could see the symbols revealed below Exhibition meeting earlier in Raidet. The second set of symbols revealed by defeating the Scorn Glyphkeeper can be seen by the Guardians without any of the effects. Like the previous encounter, the matching match is the symbol that the Emanating Force player must know the location of from one of the six small bars in the arena.

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A Guardian without any of the effects must tell the Emanating Force player to go to the pillar that matches the symbol. The Guardian can then deposit the debuff, but they must immediately get ready to get the Leeching Force once again. As soon as the Emanating Force is deposited, the other player with the Leeching Force must stand on the central plate again, two spawning the pyramid shards again. The first player to have the Leeching Force must shoot one shot, while the player who just had the Emanating Force must shoot the other. Using a Sniper Rifle in Fate 2 will allow players to shoot the shards at once, making it easier to transfer Leeching Force debuff instantly.

These steps repeat themselves as six Emanating Force debuffs are to be deployed. The first four must be deposited one by one, but the last two can be deposited at the same time. If the Leeching Force debuff is lost at some point, Rhulk will return to his original starting point to create yet another central pyramid cut. If the Leeching Force is lost again, the team will immediately delete, forcing the meeting to begin again. Once six Emanating Force debuffs have been deposited, the fire brigade will go up the stairs to begin the next phase of this meeting in The promise of the disciple Raid.

Rhulk, the witness’s disciple phase two

In Phase Two, Rhulk will begin attacking the fire team directly along with some shadow Hive Thrall. Rhulk’s attacks must be avoided at all costs, and fortunately his directions of attack are indicated by a small glowing wave or ray before he throws himself out or fires a power range, respectively. After Rhulk attacks, he will leave his weapon. A firefighter must shoot it to get the Leeching Force debuff and look at the symbol that appears in the place of his weapon. Afterwards, the same teammate will have to jump into Rhulk’s beam attack to get the Emanating Force back. Any of those weapons in Fate 2 can easily destroy the Rhulks glaive, so players will have to be careful with their bullet spray if they are not the teammate supposed to get the Leeching Force debuff.

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The other Guardians will be able to see the symbols that are around the four small bars in each corner of the arena. The Emanating Force Guardian cannot see any of the symbols, so the rest of the team will have to communicate where the debuff is to be deposited. Once deposited, a small glowing section will appear on Rhulk and the team will have to destroy it. This process is repeated several times before the damage phase is ready to begin.

Rhulk, disciple of the witness injury phase

With rocket launchers, Linear Fusion Rifles, and Sniper Rifles in hand, five of the six Guardians can start shooting at Rhulk during the injury phase, while the Sixth Guardian uses Divinity to increase their attack. Rhulk will attack more aggressively during this phase, just as he immediately switches from lunging to using a power range almost instantly. When the injury phase ends, the team will have to hurry back down the stairs to begin the process from phase one again.

The fire team will have three attempts to lower Rhulk’s health down to the last part of his health bar, which is separate from the rest. As soon as Rhulk’s health is lowered to that part, he enters a final place and the team has 10 seconds to defeat him once and for all. Aside from a Ward of Dawn Titan, Supers hurts like Nova Bomb in one Warlock Void buildTitans with Thundercrash and Hunters with Mobius Quiver are all great choices to finish Rhulk and complete The promise of the disciple Raid ind Fate 2.

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Fate 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia platforms.

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