Viral photo of idli with ice cream stick leaves foodies divided online

Giving innovative touches to traditional dishes and cuisines is nothing new and is a practice followed by chefs around the world. However, the fusion food trend is going a bit too far these days. The latest to join the list is idli popsicle!

After butter chicken golpappe, a photo of “idli ice cream” took social media by storm and started a serious conversation online, leaving foodies divided. In the image that has gone viral, the round, chewy idlis have a usual makeover – shaped like a bar of chocolate, tucked away in an ice cream stick. But what really left everyone unsure was the big stick of idli dipped in sambhar!

While the origin of the dish is not yet known, people who share it online have credited it with being innovative food technology from Bengaluru.

As the image began to circulate on social media platforms, it kicked off a series of online debates, with some praising it as a creative and practical solution, others just wanted to cherish their favorite breakfast as is.