Variety claims Kim Kardashian lied about her work comments

Kim Kardashian revealed that her advice to businesswomen’s comments was taken out of context, but Variety chief correspondent says otherwise.

Kardashians star Kim Kardashian finally broke her silence about the controversial advice she gave to other business women, but Variety argues that Kim’s comments were not taken out of context as she says they were. By now, most people have heard the clip from Kim’s Variety interview in which she confidently states, “I have the best advice for women in business, get your f — ing a– up and work. It seems that no one wants to work these days.Fans have turned it into viral memes and even shared their own experiences of being abused by employers, no matter how hard they worked.

Kim looked past Good morning America to an interview with Robin Roberts in which she apologized for her comments and explained where they came from. The KKW Beauty founder explained that she never intended to beat down hard-working women, but wanted them to know that being a social media star and a reality TV star is not as easy as it looks. out to. Kim’s career requires a lot of hard work, and she wants other women who look up to her to understand it. The mother of four also revealed that before being asked for business advice, the interviewer mentioned that she was famous for being famous. She found this offensive, given how hard she works to sustain a successful career. claims Kim that the comments she made subsequently were in response to this question and they were taken completely out of context.


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The higher up at Variety challenges Kim’s comments and tells fans that her claim GMA were inaccurate. According to Editor-At-Large Kate Aurthurinterview videos “provides the context to the question, which was: “What is your best advice for women in business?“Another Twitter user responded quickly to the tweet, pointing out that Kim even recites the question before giving his answer. Is it still possible that Kim got angry over the second interview question, so she decided to give a narrow answer? Variations Chief correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister, the answer is no.

Elizabethwho wrote The Kardashian story that included the video interviewer claims that after reviewing the raw, unedited footage from the interview, Kim’s explanation does not agree. “The question was very direct: “What would be your advice to women in business?“The author tweeted.”The question of being famous for being famous actually came after that question. ” Fans also did not buy Kim’s apology or allegations, and even called her out because she waited so long to speak out about what she said. Other fans called the star’s explanation a PR stunt and said she should not throw the publication under the bus.

It certainly seems that Kim’s claims may not have been correct. Maybe the SKIMS founder was wrong and there was another question that made her angry and sent her out into her quarrel. Whatever the case, no one really believes Kim’s explanation, whether it is true or not. Her initial comments probably offended too many people for her to be able to revive herself this time. Hopefully next time Kardashians star gives advice, it is better received by fans.

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Sources: Kate Aurthur/ Twitter, Elizabeth Wagmeister/ Twitter

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