University of Rajasthan promotes 205 as professors amid concern

DESPITE more than one letter from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the state government expressing concern over the allegedly “illegal” promotion of teachers at the University of Rajasthan, 205 current and retired teachers have been promoted by her as teachers.

In an order dated September 25, after a hastily called meeting of its union that many members abstained from, the university promoted 107 serving associate professors and 98 retired associate professors – some of the 272 who ‘she had appointed on an ad hoc basis, without any selection process, to fill vacancies.

On August 12, Professor RL Meena, a government candidate for the union and the university’s selection committee, first brought the matter to the attention of the UGC, noting that the university was unaware its 2018 teacher appointment regulations, which replaced the 2010 standards on the same. The UGC then wrote to the University of Rajasthan asking for an explanation, followed by a letter from the Secretary of State for Higher Education, NL Meena.

“The matter is within the knowledge of the government. We are looking at it, ”NL Meena told The Indian Express, adding that the university appeared to have“ interpreted ”the UGC guidelines.

Defending the promotions, Vice Chancellor Rajeev Jain said: “Whatever we have done, we have done it in accordance with the 2010 regulations and their subsequent amendments. UGC also says (this) can be done. We did not adopt the 2018 regulation, but in the times to come we will adopt it. “

To avoid giving “difficulties” to certain faculty members already with a view to promotion under the existing rules, section 6.3 of the 2018 UGC rules had given the possibility of promotion within the framework of the program. professional advancement according to the standards in force. It had indicated that this option could be exercised up to three years from the date of notification of the new regulation.

In her letter, Meena wrote that the university is “conducting the selection process” for promotions neither in accordance with the 2010 nor 2018 regulations, and that the career advancement program option expired on July 17, 2021 (three years after the 2018 standards were notified).

Jain, however, claimed that the state government had allowed the university to grant promotions under the program until September 30. “We got the extension in August,” he told The Indian Express.

Meena also pointed out that the 2010 and 2018 regulations state that for promotion under the Professional Advancement program, a candidate teacher must be enrolled and in active service at the university / college on the date of review by. the selection committee. This should have prevented retired teachers from taking it into consideration.

The UGC first wrote to the university on Aug. 27, with the subject “Illegal selection process for promotion under the Teacher Advancement Program”, asking it “to consider the question seriously and to make comments as soon as possible ”.

The university continued to hold selection committee meetings until September 12.

Subsequently, the UGC wrote again to Vice-Chancellor Jain on September 22, telling him that the regulations and amendments issued by the UGC “are of a binding nature and cannot be ignored at any time.” He again asked the university that promotions “may be carried out in accordance with (the) UGC regulations”.

On September 24, Secretary Meena wrote to the university with a “recommendation to proceed according to clear instructions” issued by the UGC.

The next day, the university promoted 205 to professor.

According to Meena, even the Union meeting held that day involved several violations. Besides Meena, Congressman Amin Kagzi and Prof. Alpana Kateja left the meeting, while Sandesh Nayak, College Education Commissioner and Governor Candidate Dr Rajesh Singh, among others, stood at the difference.

Meena said that according to the statutory provisions, six people are required to meet the quorum for the union meeting. After he and the others left or did not attend, the six who remained included Dr Dilip Singh, a candidate under consideration for promotion. So he should have been disqualified from attending the meeting, Meena said.

Meena also wrote a letter to Governor Kalraj Mishra, the chancellor of state universities, noting this.

One official said that given the topic of the meeting, “some members chose to stay away from the meeting, which was called on very short notice anyway.”

Kagzi said he demanded that the meeting follow High Court orders regarding promotions as well as government directives and recent letters. “We do want more teachers, but I wanted the process to be reviewed. It should be transparent and in accordance with the law, ”said the congressman.