Top 10 movies of 2021 according to IMDb

Many movie fans like to follow the latest and greatest movies. A trip through the Oscar nominees is a common way to do it, and another method that movie fans like to use is IMDb’s rankings when users vote on what they’ve seen.

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IMDb’s top 10 films of 2021 therefore reflect not only high scores, but the number of votes each film has received.

Updated January 6, 2022 by Mark Birrell: IMDb’s top 10 films in the 2021 rankings are something that will be subject to change for some time as opinions change and films take root in the collective public consciousness. However, there are some clear frontrunners who are likely to always remain in the top 10 films of 2021 and have already defied harsh reviews from critics.

IMDb does not always paint the clearest picture of the overall response to a movie, as the site, despite the site’s best efforts to counteract this, has been manipulated in the past by relatively small groups. So by looking at the highest scores relative to the highest number of votes, the true top 10 movies of 2021 on IMDb will be a little more concrete.

10 Free Guy – 7.2 (250,000 votes)

Ryan Reynolds free guy

• Available for purchase on Prime Video

Although filled with references to a number of famous franchises and pop culture favorites, Free guy was one of the few blockbuster movies of 2021 based on an original idea.

Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular Guy, an NPC in a popular online game who becomes an unlikely hero after falling for a real player and breaking all the rules in his hunt for her. Filled with comedy and action, Free guy hit all the right notes with both movie fans and game fans with cameo appearances from famous streamers like Ninja and Pokimane.

9 Suicide Squad – 7.2 (276,000 votes)

Jon Cena, Idris Elba and cast in The Suicide Squad.

• Available on HBO Max

Although DCEU’s first attempt at a Suicide Squad movie made a lot of money at the box office, the movie was panned by critics and found unsatisfactory by a large majority of fans, in part because of its brutal editing phase. This semi-sequel / quasi-reboot retained some of the original film’s cast, while taking a more directly comic approach in line with its author and director, James Gunn’s style.

The suicide group was much more well received by both critics and fans, although it did not succeed in finding the same box office success as its predecessor. Nevertheless, the sequel proved to be one of the biggest hits of Warner Bros.’s same-day HBO Max release strategy in 2021, and its spin-off series, Founder of Peace, seems to be one of the most talked about comics of 2022.


8 Do Not Beat Up – 7.3 (276,000 votes)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeniffer Lawrence and Timothy Chalamet in Don't Look Up

• Available on Netflix

This star-studded social satire follows two astronomers who discover a comet crashing into Earth and threatening to wipe out all life. The true enemies, however, turn out to be political discourse and the spin of the media as they struggle to get any government action taking shape.

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Despite engaging performances from the lead roles Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, along with supporting cast members like Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill, critics were pretty harsh on the film, in part because of its direct message of scientific denial. However, the general public has been much more receptive, and voters on IMDb ranked it as one of the top 10 films of 2021.

7 None – 7.4 (182,000 votes)

No featured

• Available for purchase on Prime Video

None starring Bob Odenkirk as a former assassin who has become a quiet family man retiring to take up the fight against a Russian gangster in this action-comedy film directed by Ilya Naishuller and written by John Wick creates Derek Kolstad.

Odenkirk proved to be a surprising action star, while delivering the comedy that audiences mostly know him for, and although it is filled with its own ridiculous sequences, this bare-kno thriller is the most grounded of the action movies appearing on IMDb’s top 10 films of 2021.

6 Cruella – 7.4 (202,000 votes)

Cruella red dress

• Available at Disney +

Takes a page from DC’s huge success Joker, this moderately dark prequel film gives a sympathetic origin story to one of Disney’s most iconic villains, while still retaining the classic comic vibes that fans of the company know and love.

Emma Stone plays the lead role as the titular master criminal and fashion icon who earns some amazing looks throughout the film and have a huge amount of fun with the devilishly lovely character. Cruella delivered a full-blown new story while setting things up for a new take on the familiar 101 dalmer fairy tale.

5 No Time to Die – 7.4 (272,000 votes)

James Bond as the center of attention at the Specter party in No Time to Die

• Available for purchase on Prime Video

After several delays in the release, which was originally planned for 2020, No time to die so Daniel Craig quit his run as the infamous superspy James Bond on a high note with an unusually emotional take on the typically cold character while still paying homage to the long legacy of the 007 series.

The results were an appealing mix of fresh and familiar ideas that left plenty of room from big plot twists and an explosive finale that featured a shocking first place for the series.

4 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – 7.5 (279,000 votes)

Simu Liu in Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings

• Available at Disney +

The seemingly unstoppable expansion of Marvel Studios continued in 2021, with the highly successful company releasing 4 movies on top of 4 streaming series. The second MCU film in 2021 saw the studio introduce its first Asian hero to the film audience, and it turned out to be another hit for the overall series of cartoon blockbusters.

Although the titular hero, and the protagonist Simu Liu, were not well-known names before the film’s release, they both now appear to be long-standing stars of the ever-growing universe.

3 Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 8.1 (353,000 votes)

• Available on HBO Max

After Warner Bros. released a chopped version of Justice League in 2017, complete with many rewrites and remakes of scenes from director Joss Whedon, fans began to demand the original version of the film. A move that took about two and a half years finally gave Snyder the chance to complete his vision.

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Zack Snyders Justice League is not just a director’s cut, it’s a completely different film compared to Whedon’s version. The film is twice as long, has much more character development and treats the characters with much more respect. It also restores three characters of color removed from the theatrical cut; Iris West, Elinore Stone and Ryan Choi. Perhaps the film’s most notable change is the greatly expanded role of Ray Fisher as Cyborg, who Zack Snyder called “the heart” of his film.

2 Klit – 8.2 (427,000 votes)

klit paul lady jessica

• Available for purchase on Prime Video

Although there are higher rated films on IMDb from 2021, no one has as many voices on the site as Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the iconic science fiction novel Dune, which makes its incredibly high score even more impressive and significant when considering the top 10 films of 2021 on the site.

The epic film also did well at the box office despite being released on HBO Max on the same day as its theatrical release, and proved to be a must-see big-screen event thanks to its stunning views and soul-stirring music. and sound design, with a sequel with the same green.

1 Spider-Man: No Way Home – 8.8 (350,000 votes)

Spider-Man No Way Home Tom Holland Peter Parker

Marvel Studios’ latest film from 2021 proved to be not only the company’s biggest, but the biggest film of all time, breaking ticket records almost instantly and becoming one of the most economically successful cinema releases ever. Enthusiasm for Spider-Man: No Way Home has shown that there is life in the cinemas yet.

A smorgasbord of fan-favorite characters and big revelations proved to be the perfect cocktail for audience satisfaction, and it quickly rose to become one of the year’s highest-rated films on IMDb with a large number of votes.

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