Three ceasefire incidents along LoC in recent weeks: army chief

THREE INCIDENTS of ceasefire violations with direct post-on-post fire have taken place in recent weeks on the Line of Control (LoC), army chief MM Naravane said on Saturday. He said that also in 2003, such incidents turned into regular shootings, which in effect rendered the ceasefire agreement ineffective.

Speaking at the India Today conclave, Naravane mentioned that although women have been allowed in non-combat currents of the army, they are unlikely to be allowed in infantry, armored infantry. and mechanized infantry in the near future.

Speaking about the situation with Pakistan along the LoC, he said that the renewed agreement to follow the ceasefire agreement in February worked until July, but “from the end of July these sporadic incidents started again. It is following the 2003 pattern again, when it started with a strange incident and then reached the equivalent of not having a ceasefire. “

He said that over the past month “we are seeing more infiltration attempts” and have foiled “two or three” of those attempts. But beyond that too, he said, “there were three incidents of ceasefire violation, that is, one post fired at the other post, mainly in the region of Shamshabari Range, in North Kashmir “.

Without relating it to the development of the situation in Afghanistan, the army chief declared in the early 2000s, “we definitely had foreign terrorists of Afghan origin” in Jammu and Kashmir. “There is reason to believe that the same thing could happen again, that once the situation in Afghanistan stabilizes, we could see an influx of these fighters from Afghanistan.”

Expressing concern at the recent upsurge in terrorism-related incidents in Kashmir, he said the killing of civilians was “reprehensible”.
On the possibility of a war on two fronts, Naravane said that “the possibility of a collusive scenario will always be there” between Pakistan and China, but beyond the army too, “at the national, political level. , diplomatic, all measures will be taken. to ensure that we do not come to a situation where we are facing two enemies at the same time. However, in case that does happen, “we have our strategies in place” .