This is us: The 10 most romantic quotes

When This is us premiered in 2015, it became a sensation from one day to the next and drew a record number of live viewers than live television had seen for several years. Since then, the family drama has continued to dominate NBC’s Tuesday night on Twitter’s popular topics. Now in the final season, fans and creators themselves have begun to remember the epic run of the show.

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While This is us is many things, at its core it is a show about love and romance. From Jack and Rebecca’s love stories in the past to their children’s love stories in the present, a core theme that anchors the show has always been love in its various forms. To cope with this, This is us has a host of hopeless romantic characters who always know what to say to make the other faint, including their devoted fanbase.


Jack to Rebecca

“I do not need anniversaries to see you. I see you every day. You are my daily meteor shower.”

Jack and pregnant Rebecca dance slowly in the kitchen

As the patriarch of the Pearson family, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) set the standard for romance and iconic quotes. From the moment he locked his eyes with Rebecca (Mandy Moore), he pulled out to make her his. And even when she finally agreed, he never stopped courting her and showing her how much he loved her.

Jack is so good at big gestures that he makes Rebecca feel inadequate, which makes Jack say this dizzying quote to her during their fourth wedding anniversary.

Kevin to Sophie

“The best thing that ever happened to me was that you told me you wanted to marry me. I’m still in love with you and I want to be at our restaurant bright and early tomorrow and wait for you. “

Kevin and Sophie hold hands outside her apartment in This Is Us

Much like his father, Kevin (Justin Hartley) is a hopeless romantic at his core. Unfortunately, he has not had the best of luck in love. While marrying his childhood sweetheart, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge). couples could not make things work.

Still, that did not stop Kevin from chasing Sophie for several seasons. Fans got a glimpse of how remorseful Kevin was over losing Sophie in season 1 as he surprises her in her apartment to give her an epic romantic talk about why she is that for him.

Beth to Randall

“When I look into your eyes, I see my home. I see eternity. And no matter what comes our way, I promise I will always choose you.”

Beth and Randall for their wedding in This Is Us

While Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) often lovingly rolls her eyes over Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) romantic jokes, she also has a hopeless romantic life in her. Through flashbacks, fans learn that love has not always been easy for Beth, but when she finally let Randall in, it became easy.

In fact, it’s completely what the season 3 episode “R&B” was about and led to one of Beth’s most romantic quotes. Even when their marriage was stoned in the present, Beth continued to choose Randall, showing that she really meant the words she said.

Toby to Kate

“When you smile, the world is a better place, you see? The world has just gotten a little better.”

Toby and Kate sit on their couch and smile in This Is Us

As one of the only non-Pearson males in This is us, Toby (Chris Sullivan) had a lot to live up to in the romance department. Not surprisingly, however, he knocked it out of the park, which turned out to be as romantic as the Pearson men.

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Not only is Toby constantly courting Kate (Chrissy Metz), but he also knows exactly what to say when she feels stressed and scared. Nothing was so stressful and scary for these two than Kate’s rainbow baby pregnancy, which is what led Toby to utter this perfect quote to cheer her up.

Miguel about Rebecca

“Some love stories are written in the stars, and other love stories are written together: two people, the universe had no plans to write their story in the stars together.”

Miguel and Rebecca outside the cabin in This Is Us

When fans first found out that Rebecca was remarrying Jack’s best friend Miguel (Jon Huertas), fans were a bit skeptical. However, like everything with This is us, their story unfolded slowly and fans began to fall in love with this unlikely couple.

Miguel faced an uphill battle when it came to the love of Rebecca, especially when she was married to the king of romance itself. But instead of trying to compete, Miguel realized that his love for Rebecca was a different kind, which made it unique. That was exactly what he explained to Kevin at Kevin’s bachelorette party in season 5.

Jack to Randall

“The moment I saw you, I knew you were my boy. You were not a choice, Randall, you were a fact.”

Jack holds Randall's face in This Is Us

“Romantic” is usually synonymous with a certain kind of love, but that does not mean that someone can not also be “romantic” towards their family. In fact, Jack was also the king of this so-called “romantic family love”, especially when it came to Randall.

Early in season 1, young Randall begins to question his place in his family since he was adopted, but Jack has none of that. Instead, he corrects Randall by coming down to his level and telling him it was love at first sight, the moment he saw Randall in the hospital all those years ago.

Randall to Beth

“I promise to spend the rest of my life earning your love because you are the only thing, the only thing I will ever need.”

Randall kisses Beth's shoulder in This Is Us

When it comes to Randall and romance, he excels in romantic gestures more than heartfelt speeches. That does not mean, however, that Randall does not know how to sweet talk Beth, for he certainly does. And he is not afraid to be vulnerable when really needed.

After hitting a particularly hard patch in their relationship, Randall realizes that showing Beth how much he loves her is not the same as actually telling her. That’s what makes him say this beautiful quote to her that helps them get back on track.

Kate to Toby

“You do not have to pass on your favorite things to your son, for I know with all my heart that you will be our son’s favorite things. You.”

Kate, Toby and baby Jack in This Is Us

Kate takes after Rebecca in more ways than she would like to admit, including that she does not always know how to react to Toby’s constant big romantic gesture. But as their relationship developed, Kate’s response did the same as she learned Toby’s love language.

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One of the most romantic moments that comes from Kate is when she comforts Toby, who begins to panic about becoming a father as Kate’s term approaches. After a certain meltdown, Kate pulls Toby aside and reminds him that the only thing their son needs is him. That’s exactly what Toby needs to hear to reassure him, and also a romantic moment that shows how much Kate loves him.

Rebecca to Jack

“You and I? We have to have it all together. We want the big moments and the small moments, and it will be one forever.”

Rebecca and Jack on their wedding day in This Is Us

Although Jack could have been the king of romance, he often felt inadequate for Rebecca in all other areas of their lives. This was largely due to Rebecca’s wealthy family and her unwelcome and condescending father, who always sought to beat Jack down.

But none of this meant anything to Rebecca, who made it clear how much she loved Jack in the season 4 episode “Light and Shadows.” In a twist of events, this time Rebecca pulls the romantic gesture, showing up at Jack’s work to tell him he’s the only one she wants to spend her life with.

William about Randall and life

“Because the two best things in my life were the person at the beginning and the person at the very end. That’s a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.”

William and Randall hold hands at the table in This Is Us

Romance is usually synonymous with happy feelings and thoughts, but it can also evoke bittersweet feelings, especially as one’s life begins to wane, as was the case with William (Ron Cephas Jones).

In a rather bittersweet heart-to-heart moment, William sits down with Randall and remembers his life. It is in that moment that William says the above quote while talking about the love he has experienced through his hard life.

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