The Simpsons have just made an obscure indie horror movie

From its basic premise to the setting of The Excursion, The Simpsons season 33, episode 12 was an extended tribute to the obscure 2019 horror comedy Get Duked!

Though The Simpsons has drawn inspiration from many unexpected sources over the years, few viewers expected an episode of season 33 to be re-recorded Become a duke!an obscure horror-comedy film from 2019. The Simpsons has based many episodes of the long-running series on all sorts of surprising source material throughout its 33 seasons. Over the decades, the show has retold Shakespeare, parodied classic horror films and rethought Bible stories as part of the cast’s adventures.

The series has been on the air for so long that one Simpsons season 33 episode copied the show itself (although the excursion changed enough details to still feel fresh). As such, it should come as no surprise to discover it The Simpsons season 33 episode 12 is yet another extended tribute to an earlier piece of media. However, the sheer ambiguity of the film, to which the episode refers, is quite remarkable.


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2019s Scottish indie horror comedy Become a duke! tells the story of three juvenile delinquents (and a required nerdy kid hoping to improve their academic resume) who are being chased down a wilderness trail by cult-like killers after being sent on a personal improvement, team-building hike. This specific premise has been recreated for a tee-in The Simpsons season 33, episode 12, “Boyz N the Highlands.” Now, as fans of The Simpsons‘ yearly “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween offer can confirm that the show that spoofs a famous horror film is not a new phenomenon. The difference is that Become a duke! is already a comedy as well as a horror, and this Simpsons season 33 excursion does not falsify the existing film per se.

Instead, the plot of “Boyz N the Highlands” tells essentially the same story as the obscure (but critically well-received) film without ever formally acknowledging where the excursion has borrowed its plot from. That said, The Simpsons episode does not hide its inspiration either. As to further emphasize Become a duke! reference, the episode is soundtracked with Scottish folk music, and the group is chaperoned by Groundskeeper Willie (although their highland trail is probably somewhere in America, despite being more like Scotland than Simpson’s homeland).

This results in a Simpsons season 33 episode who is apparently located in Scotland but never confirms this or explains why the group traveled to Europe for a hike. It is also an episode that faithfully recreates the plot of a largely unknown film, but which never addresses this fact or informs viewers where its inspiration came from. Hopefully this Simpsons season 33 excursion will get some new viewers to seek out Become a duke!an anarchist and underrated satirical treat that served comparisons to Ready or not at the original release. As for The Simpsonsseason 33 has so far been able to at least partially reverse the show’s critical downturn with solid reviews, so hopefully I can draw inspiration from such vague sources as Become a duke! will see the show’s creative energies revived even more.

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