The Room VR: Church Puzzle Solutions

The church is one of the most difficult levels in The Room VR: A Dark Matter and has some of the most complex puzzles in the game. There are a lot of backtracking and revisiting areas involved in solving all the riddles in the Church. Players will have to work on flipping each statue and unlocking the mysterious object at the end to complete the level of the church in The room VR.

Players can reach the church after opening the sarcophagus and Solve every single puzzle The room VR‘s Museum. When players get the second mysterious object and place it in its castle, they will be transported to the church. Upon arrival at the church, players must use their lens on the note to the right and look at the symbol through the hole. It will reveal the next place that players should go to.


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After twisting forward, players will see a box to their left with a key inside. The key can be used at the gate to open the back half of the church The room VR. Players can then move forward and pull the two handles on each side of the pedestal. This will reveal another note, after which players can use the lens to look at another symbol and see a short cutscene. There is now a new box in the entrance room near the wall with the numbers on it. The box contains a new lens that players can use at the church level.

Solve each church puzzle in space VR: A Dark Matter

After activating the new lens, players will see a small hole with red gems floating around it. Players can point to it to interact and distort through the portal. There are several areas at the church level where players will have to go into portals so they have to take care of these gem areas. Inside first portal puzzle in The room VR, players will have a wheel in front of them that they can use to lift the two hooks. Next, players can leave the portal to find out that the number wall has opened.

When players turn the wall around, they pick up a glass carafe that can be used on the pedestal to the right of the main room. Players must first match the symbols from the pedestal in the center to the one on the right before placing the carafe. The object will be filled up with water, after which players can bring it to the middle pedestal and place it. The full glass carafe will make the center of the pedestal turn and reveal a new one puzzles to solve in The room VR.

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Players can use the handles on the pedestal base to rotate the star symbol so that the box opens and reveals another lens portal. But before players enter, they can turn left and grab the diamond stone that sits on the side of the pedestal. Then players must go to the back of the room and place the stone in the crack. By using the lens, players can reveal a quick puzzle where they have to align the circles and push the diamond in. This will reveal a circle with a colorful symbol on it.

Players can then go into the other portal to find one light beam puzzle. The symbol that players saw earlier can be matched by turning the wheel that moves the colored pieces of glass. Players can then go out through the portal and rotate the box to shine the light against the colored symbol that was revealed on the stone slab. Five statues enter the room and players will be able to approach each one. The one in the middle has a star figure that players can pick up.

From the statues, players can walk to the back room behind them and to the right. The room has a painting on the far right and a chest to open on the left. First, players can turn the handle and open the chest to the left. Players can grab the stone with mirror fragments in it and then go over to the painting to place the star in its slit. The wall with the painting opens to reveal a coffin on a rotating pedestal. Players can rotate the chest to find a locking tool and a lens puzzle.

To Solve the secret lens puzzle, players must pull the rope to twist the two external mechanisms. Players can then push the middle over, use the rope again to rotate them, and then move the middle to the center of the bottom. Finally, the players must pull on the rope again so that all three mechanisms are at the bottom. Next, players can rotate the chest and turn the knob to open The room VR Church level third portal. Inside the portal there is a note on which players can use the lens. After looking at the symbol, players will be able to move around this area to reach both cranks on the right side. After the circle is turned, players can go out through the portal and grab it on the outside of the chest.

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There will be a new lens puzzle on the back of the chest. Players will need to place the platforms on the bottom by pushing them to the center, turning the mechanism and setting them up side by side. Once the pieces are lined up, players can go back into the coffin through the portal. Inside the portal, players can go directly to the other side and use the cranks on each side of the mechanism to turn the circle. Outside the portal, players can grab the next circular object and there will be a new rope puzzle on the side. Players can pull on the two ropes to set up the path so they can reach the last crank and circle at the top of the inside of the chest.

Players will have to go back and forth to change the walkways so they can reach the cranks both above and below the circle. Once both cranks are rotated, players can leave the chest and grab the last circle and then rotate the chest. The front of the coffin will burn away to reveal a plaque that players will use to solve the jigsaw puzzle later. The stone with mirror fragments, which the players collected earlier, can now be placed in the hands of the center statue. The statue directly to the left of the center statue has one easy puzzle to solve, so players can go back through the portal in the middle pedestal to change the light and match the symbol.

Once the easy puzzle is matched a second time, players can go out through the portal and turn the box around to the handle and then pull it to shine the light forward. It will jump out of the center statue to make it directly to the left turn around. Once this is done, players can turn around and return to the entrance room and then use the locking tool on the door on the left. There is a large wooden organ with a hammer on the left and a wooden plug on the right. Players can pick up both and then go back to the main room and enter the room on the right.

The wooden plug can be placed in the right slot, after which both plugs can be pulled down to reveal another portal. Inside the portal, there are two handles on the right that players can pull to unlock the mechanism in the middle. To get to them on the left, players must twist to the semicircle in the middle, turn the knob to unlock it, and then grab the circle and pull it down. Then players can go out through the portal and use the handle to turn the hose so that it is flush with the handles inside the portal puzzle.

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Players must first line up the hoses to reach the longest space to the right of the portal entrance so they can pick up an extra tube. After setting up the newly placed hoses to reach the handles on the left, players can use the semicircle to rotate them inside the portal and pull the last two handles. Next, players can return to the center and rotate the central mechanism so that the arrow points upward. Players can travel forward and unscrew the gears on each side. This portal puzzle is solved, so players can go out and go back to the room with the wooden organ.

Using the lens, players will uncover a new puzzle with a red glowing ball and three glowing slots. Players must use the piano keys to change the course so that the ball falls into each of the three slots. This can be done by moving the path so that it is flush with the glowing areas. If players make a mistake, the ball will be returned to the top of the puzzle, giving them unlimited opportunities to Solve this slot puzzle. When players reach all three slots, they will reveal a stone circle with another easy puzzle solution on it, and this can be picked up. Players can place it in the statue on the far right and then enter the center pedestal portal and duplicate the symbol in the easy puzzle.

The Room VR Church Puzzle Solutions Jigsaw Puzzle

Players can then go out and pull the handle on the box again. The light will shine on the far right statue and it will turn around, after which players can enter the room in the upper left corner past the statues. Once again, players will use the lock tool to open the door. Up the stairs, players will find a jigsaw puzzle with a slot for the hammer, which they picked up at the wooden organ earlier. Players can turn the crank and then pick up the gear before returning to the main compartment. The base on the left side of the compartment can now be fixed when the gear is placed on it.

The base with the gear changes the clock over the statues. Players can switch between clockwise with the right handle and rotate the selected hand with the left handle. To find the solution, players must use the symbols on the plates around the church. The hour hand should be at ‘3’, the minute hand at ’10’ and the second hand at ’11’. After solving the puzzle, players can go back to the place where they took the gear and go into the portal to pick up another easy puzzle to solve.

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Players can then return to the main room, place the light puzzle solution in the statue on the far right, and then match the light puzzle in the center pedestal portal. After leaving the portal and turning the handle, the far right statue will turn around and the shield on the right statue will burn away to reveal a puzzle. Players can then go to the shield statue and place the three circular objects in the shield. The middle crosspiece of the shield can be rotated to set up the golden circle, after which players can activate their lens.

Using the symbols on the floor as a guide, players can rotate the red symbol at the top of the shield and the cross in the middle to solve the riddle. When all the symbols are matched, the last light puzzle game will be revealed. Players can return to the easy puzzle inside the portal to match the final color scheme. Activating it will cause the shield statue to turn around, after which players can rotate the light switch again to make the floor in the center of the statues open. Players can walk down the stairs and through a dark corridor to find a note and then look through it with the lens.

Once the cutscene is complete, players can lean forward and open the chest to reveal the third mysterious object. This will complete the level of the church in The room VR, and the players will move on to the witch’s hut. Before reaching the next level, players will have a note to read, and then they can use the lens to see through it to be transported. The Witches’ Hut will give players the last mysterious object to place in The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

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The Room VR: A Dark Matter is available for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Valve Index and PSVR.

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