The reasons why Mark has not left Lindsey yet

Lindsey has made it a habit to punish Mark in Married At First Sight season 14. Fans believe Mark will not leave Lindsey because he feels trapped.

Mark and Lindsey are stuck in one of the most chaotic relationships mentioned lately Married at First sight story, but fans think they know why Mark has not been able to leave his controversial wife yet. Mark turned out to be a loyal husband through the couple’s romantic honeymoon, but Lindsey has shown that she may be more troublesome than she’s worth the “shark,” prompting viewers to question why Mark has not jumped off the ship. yet. From their emotionally manipulative dynamics to Mark’s attraction to Lindsey, here’s the reasons why Married at First sight thinking fans Mark has not left Lindsey yet.


Unfortunately, Mark and Lindsey’s marriage has been on a depressing downward trend spiral since the doomed date Mark held during their honeymoon. Though Married at First sight fans were overwhelmed by Lindsey’s overwhelming personality at the end of her wedding day, Mark said he was eager to jump into a relationship with his arranged wife, no matter how unpredictable she may be. After getting married, Mark and Lindsey’s relationship moved quickly, prompting the man to request that they slow down their role as they get to know each other. Fans believe this inspired Lindsey to punish her husband by fighting with him in public and revealing his secrets on television. Fans think they have discovered the reasons why Mark has not left Lindsey yet despite her bad behavior.

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unfortunately, Married at First sight fans agree Lindsey does her best to make Mark suffer, but the husband in season 14 has not been eager to leave their marriage. After returning to Boston, Lindsey chose a fight with Mark while on a group date with their colleague Married at First sight newlyweds on a bowling alley. Lindsey called Mark’s sensitive relationship with his mother and during a performance on After party, Lindsey shared that her husband has a habit of dating women who are already dating other men. While Married at First sight fans have noticed that Mark feels uncomfortable around Lindsey, the man has not indicated that he is ready to leave Lindsey yet. One Reddit user shared, “Mark secretly hates Lindsey. He does everything he can to not shrink every time she says something.” Fans think Mark is still with Lindsey because he feels trapped in their marriage.

Mark and Lindsey in Married At First Sight season 14

One reason why Married at First sight thinking fans Mark has not left Lindsey yet are the blows his self-esteem has endured throughout his marriage. Viewers believe Lindsey has delayed Mark from leaving her by consistently laying him down and attacking his dwindling confidence. A fan explained, “Mark’s personality has been completely shattered … Now he appears to be in survival mode.” That Married at First sight fanbase fears that Mark will not leave Lindsey because he does not have the confidence to stand up for himself anymore. Another popular theory is that Mark is still attracted to Lindsey and wants to maintain his intimate relationship with her. One commenter assessed, “[Mark] dislike [Lindsey]even though he seems to like her just enough to have sex with her. “ Cynical Married at First sight Fans think sex is enough motivation for Mark to stay with Lindsey.

Though Married at First sight fans believe Lindsey is bullying her arranged husband, Mark has not made any attempt to end his relationship. According to viewers, the reasons Mark has not yet left Lindsey, his declining self-esteem and desire to remain intimate with Lindsey. Fans can only hope Mark can muster the courage to leave Lindsey by Married at First sight season 14’s decision day.

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