The prevalence of Omicron is declining among Londoners and high school children, giving hope for months to come

The spread of Omicron has been slower among high school kids as well as among Londoners, says the Office for National Statistics. Is this a crucial shift, or will infections among children quickly pick up when spring is in full swing? It is certainly too early to get carried away, though it does give hope for the coming months. Omicron‘s rapid spread also means that more and more people are developing antibodies.

The key question is how much burden Omicron will put on doctors. Our data reporters revealed that a record number of employees left the NHS in 2021. This emigration leaves others in the health care system working harder than ever.

In the latest edition of Iweekend (released Saturday, January 8) instead of just being doomsday messengers, we have suggested eight ways to correct NHS emigration. They include a recruitment increase (to tackle 100,000 vacancies already budgeted for), an adjustment of pension rules, and full scholarships for nursing students. All our ideas cost money. Some are cheap, while others require the planting of a magic money tree. Yet you reap what you sow – and both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor are known to be concerned about the state of the NHS when the next election comes.

For more fun things. While booster vaccines clash with Omicron over supremacy, foreign travel is picking up again. We have put together a list of travel adventures to whet your appetite for 2022. Please suggest your own and we will share the best with other weekend readers. You can reach me per e-mail or Social Media. Okay, warm up and good weekend. The days are getting longer!


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