The Full Monty is ready to return to the Disney + series with original cast

Are they coming back for a sequel?

The Full Monty tells the story of a group of unemployed former steel workers from Sheffield who decide to become male strippers to make money – and the light-hearted comedy was a huge hit when it was released in 1997. A quarter of a century after the film’s release, its original cast, including Robert Carlyle, reunites to star in a new eight-part Disney + series having the same name. It started filming in Sheffield and Manchester today.

The UK Original series will premiere on Disney + globally, Star + in Latin America and Hulu in the US and will also reunite the original film’s Oscar-winning screenwriter, Simon Beaufoy, and producer, Uberto Pasolini.

Hot cases…

The original film achieved great commercial success and was the highest grossing film in the UK until it was sold out by Titanic. It went on to take £ 154 million in the UK box office and $ 258 million (£ 197 million) in the US and cleaned up at film awards – received nominations for four Oscars, won for best original musical or comedy and best film Bafta.

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What’s the new story?

According to the synopsis, the series will follow the original group of friends as they navigate post-industrial Sheffield, crumbling health, education and employment systems. It is expected to follow the theme of the original film by exploring a “brighter, dumber and more humane way forward, where joint action triumphs over adversity”, while introducing the children and grandchildren of the recurring characters.

Beaufoy, the film’s writer and executive producer, said: “We are thrilled to have all of Monty Men back together – now with a chaotic entourage of children, grandchildren, pets and various hangers-on – to see life in Sheffield 25 years later.”

When will it be sent?

The release date has not been announced, but the series is part of Disney + to create 60 local productions by 2024, so it should be released within two years

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