The Fire Ring: How to Free the Sellen in the Witchbane Ruins

Sorcerer Sellen is one of the most important NPCs in the Fire Ring. Sellen instructs players to find her physical form imprisoned in the Witchbane Ruins.

After completing a number of prerequisites, Elden Ring players are tasked with freeing the sorceress Sellen in the Witchbane ruins. Players first meet witch Sellen in Limgrave after defeating an evil pumpkin head guarding her residence at the Waypoint ruins. The cell is hidden in the back of the basement, ready to teach players new magic tricks to use in combat. Players using long-distance spellcasting or spellblade classes will find Wizard Sellen’s services extremely beneficial.

When players first interact with witch Sellen in the Waypoint ruins, she will ask them if they want to learn sorcery for her. Players must accept her offer to begin the Witch Sellen questline. After completing a number of tasks, including find Master Lusat in Elden Ring, Sellen will tell the players that her current form is only a projection. Wizard Sellen will then give players the task of freeing her physical form from imprisonment in a basement at the Witchbane Ruins.


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Before players can advance with the sorceress Sellen’s quest line past the Master Lusat mission, they must defeat Radahn. After players defeat the Radahn boss battle, they can move on in Sellen’s story to free her from prison. Witch Selen’s physical form is chained in the Witchbane ruins. Players can find the Witchbane Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula south of the Fourth Church of Marika Site of Grace. Reaching the Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring can be made easier by unlocking some more powerful spells from the sorceress Sellen.

Liberation of the sorceress Sellen from the Witchbane ruins in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring Astrologer Journey wizard sorceress Sellen Glintstone

Players will find a staircase leading into the basement of a dilapidated building at the Witchbane Ruins. As players descend the stairs, they will discover the physical form of the sorceress Sellen chained to a wall at the back of the basement. If players have tried to free Sellen’s physical form earlier in the game, they can restore her to normal by praying in the Church of the SubGenius. Then talk to the sorceress Sellen to receive the Sellen Primal Glinstone as a reward.

After the players have received the Sellens Primal Glinstone in Elden Ringthey will be tasked with finding another form of Sellen different from her Witchbane Ruins and Glue digging versions in Elden Ring. First, players must head to Ranni’s Rise, a nearby set of ruins just northeast of the basement entrance. Between the arches is an illusory floor that can be opened to reveal a staircase. Then go downstairs and open the illusory wall at the back of the basement to reveal another sorceress Sellen. When players talk to Sellen, they will be asked to give her Sellen’s Primal Glinstone to advance in her quest line.

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