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There are 10 films in a race to win tonight’s highest Oscar award: Best Film. The winner will join the amazing films such as Parasite and Nomadeland, to achieve this prestigious title. A visible pattern among the nominees for best film, however, is that they do not have the most flourishing box office, going in the hundreds of millions.

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Most of the nominees are typically indie, artistic films that do not attract a general audience, apart from the niche film community. But even the advent of streaming has changed the culture of watching movies, which does not reflect the success of the movie. Of course, even in 2021, the film industry was still dealing with the presence of the pandemic, so even the box office is not the most amazing, as reported by Box Office Mojo.

10 The Power Of The Dog – $ 257,022

Phil and Peter ride horses in The Power of the Dog.

That The power of the dog is considered one of the favorites to win the prestigious awards on Oscar night, including Best Director for Jane Campion. A win for Best Picture, however, would be a historic first time for Netflix.

Although the Netflix Western drama is the film to be seen at the Oscars, it also has the lowest box office numbers ($ 257,022) of all Best Film nominees. However, these low ticket numbers make sense since Netflix exclusively distributed and streamed The power of the dog. The box office projection alone accounts for only the international figures, while none for domestic ones. Of course, The power of the dog ranks as one of most likely to win best film.

9 Do not look up – $ 791,863

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeniffer Lawrence and Timothy Chalamet in Don't Look Up

Adam McKay’s Do not look up is yet another Netflix movie to win an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Like The power of the dog, this ground-destroying comet film has low ticket numbers ($ 791,863) due to its exclusive streaming on Netflix.

Ticket numbers are slightly higher than The power of the dog since Do not look up played in some cinemas before its release on Netflix. However, the majority of its box office also comes from international viewership figures.


8 CODA – $ 1,052,792

The Rossi family claps among the audience in CODA

Like the Netflix-nominated movies, CODA exclusively streamed on AppleTV +, so it makes sense why the ticket sales numbers ($ 1.05 million) are not huge. However, it managed to cross the one million mark, where 100% of ticket sales came from the international market.

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Of course, CODA has become the center of the awards season and has won the Writers Guild of America Awards and the Producers Guild of America Awards. Given the film’s recent success in the awards season, CODA has become the film to beat for best film, even a tough competition against Netflix The power of the dog.

7 Drive My Car – $ 5,324,449

In just the last few years, international films have like Rome and Parasite has aroused interest among the film community, and this year’s contribution is from Japan Drive my car. The Japanese road film received incredible praise for its artistry, which increased its popularity in the last few months.

Drive my car raised just over $ 5 million ($ 5.32 million) at the ticket office. Of these figures, 60.2% (over $ 3 million) come from international markets, while the remaining 39.8% came from the United States. Of course, even these box offices are a pretty incredible business.

6 Liquorice Pizza – $ 30,382,975

Gary and Alana run in licorice pizza

Paul Thomas Anderson returns to the awards season with his latest romantic film Growing Up, Licorice pizza. Like the other films nominated for Best Picture, Licorice pizza is another to watch for the Oscars with additional nominations as Best Original Screenplay.

Given that the film was released below the top of the Omicron variant, Anderson’s latest drama still drew an impressive $ 30.3 million at the ticket office. Of course, most came from domestic releases, covering about 56.1% of the box office, while the remaining numbers come from international markets.

5 Nightmare Alley – $ 38,014,806

Bradley Cooper Nightmare Alley

Guillermo del Toro recreates William Lindsay Greshams Nightmare alley does what he does best with his Gothic-style brands. Of course, Nightmare alley was a dark horse during the award season by surprisingly winning a spot for best film.

The neo-noir thriller compiled $ 38 million during the COVID advancement of the Omicron variant. Unfortunately, even with this high ticket number for the COVID standard only, Nightmare alley was a flop after failing to recover its $ 60 million budget. The international market covered 70.3% ($ 26.7 million), while the domestic market was only 29.7% of the final ticket office.

4 King Richard – $ 38,067,956

The Oscars love to nominate inspirational biopics. But this year, King Richard is the only unique biography nominated for Best Picture. The film follows the story of Richard Williams, who raised the world’s greatest tennis players, Venus and Serena Williams.

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King Richard was one of the most critically acclaimed films nominated for Best Picture, and rightly so. Unfortunately, even the box office does not reflect on the incredible craftsmanship and filmmaking, as the film only managed to get hold of straight $ 38 million. Furthermore, it only overturns Nightmare alley with just a few thousand dollars. Of course, much of the overwhelming box office has to do with it King Richard simultaneous release on HBO Max, which is unfortunate.

3 Belfast – $ 42,709,680

Kenneth Branaghs Belfast is perhaps the happiest contribution in the Best Picture race. Belfast follows a young boy’s life during the riot known as “The Troubles”. Instead of sulking in the depressing nature of the situation, the film presents the determination and growth of the boy’s family.

Like the other best film nominees, Belfast just compiled $ 42.7 million worldwide. However, only 21.3% of the ticket office came from domestic numbers. Most of the ticket office (78.7%) came from the international market, especially in the UK, but that makes pretty good sense. Of course, Belfast is one of Branagh’s best films to date.

2 West Side Story – $ 75,094,116

Ariana Debose and David Alvarez in West Side Story

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors ever when he created masterpieces from sci-fi to war dramas. His resume talks a lot about his versatility as an instructor. So it was no surprise that he took on the challenge of not directing any musical, but an adaptation of West Side Story.

Spielberg got hold of the storytelling and atmosphere West Side Storyhow many critics and audiences even consider the latest version even better than the 1960s version. Even the musical, however, underperformed at the box office, with just $ 75 million. Nevertheless, the box office does not undermine Spielberg’s performance in making the famous musical.

1 Klit – $ 400,580,738

Dune VFX Supervisor breaks down Sci-Fi Epics Ornithopter scenes

Denis Villeneuve accepted the challenge of adapting one of the most complex sci-fi novels to the big screen. And yet he proved that he could perform beautifully Dune‘s content in a two-part movie. Dune reached 10 nominations, including best film, and is expected to win most technical awards.

Out of all the best movie nominees, Dune found most success at the box office, with a huge one $ 400.5 million. That’s a huge difference of $ 325 million West Side Story, the second most profitable film in the category Best Film. Of course in 2021 Dune is only part 1 of a part 2 saga, with the upcoming sequel coming out in october 2023.

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