‘That’s kind of squid’: popular Korean TV show’s Amul gets a boost online

Say the Korean survival show Squid game has become a worldwide sensation would be an understatement. As the Netflix show takes social media by storm, brands around the world are trying to capitalize on its popularity. Indian dairy brand Amul, which featured the show in one of its latest commercials, has joined the movement.

From Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mentioning it to popular video game Assassin’s Creed sharing an online meme, the hit survival drama TV series has created a buzz in every corner. So, it was time for Amul, who is known to feature hot topics in his cartoons, to join the conversation.

While Dalgona candies may be synonymous with the captivating spectacle, the dairy brand has replaced it with their signature butter toast. Sketching the iconic scene starring veteran actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays Seong Gi-hun on the show, Amul gave a touch of butter to an otherwise tense moment.

Although the on-screen portrayal of the masked men in pink jumpsuits arouses fear among the attendees, in the cartoon version, they can’t help but smile when they see the buttery delight. “Debt game? The text read on the cartoon nods to the show, where 456 debt-ridden contestants compete in deadly versions of kids’ games for a big cash prize.

Continuing their love for puns and puns, the cartoon also added “Amul – It Squide Nice (That’s pretty cool)” to praise the captivating show.

While the dystopian thriller is quite grotesque and different from the popular Korean romantic drama, its popularity has skyrocketed in India, as has the inspired memes by this.

Earlier, Kerala Tourism used the same scene and swapped dolgona candies for banana chips!

Things got interesting when Netflix India got involved in a friendly joke and asked if they could get an “Achappam out of the mold”. Of course, the National Tourism Service was up to the challenge and impressed everyone with perfect rendering!

The Korean drama, released in September, has become a fan favorite not only in India but among viewers around the world for its mind-blowing twists and captivating narrative.