Tania wants one big change of relationship

90 Day Fiancé star Tania Maduro has owned her bugs. Looking back, she wishes she could have changed one important thing about her relationship.

Tania Maduro is one 90 days engaged alum who has acknowledged her mistakes and shared that she wished one thing about her previous relationship had been different. She still feels a lot of emotions after her recent breakup with her future ex-husband, Syngin Colchester. 90 days engaged fans know these exes had their ups and downs. Tania and Syngin first appeared on 90DF season 7, and ended another season of the franchise spin-off, 90 day fiancé: Happy in his time?

Tania, a bartender from Connecticut, met Syngin, who worked as a miner, during a trip to South Africa. Although Tania was originally there to meet another man, she fell in love with Syngin and extended his stay for over four months. This magnificent gesture did not go unnoticed when he returned the service and moved to the United States so they could get married. Despite Tania’s rigid nature and Syngin’s carefree attitude, the pair gave fans hope that opposites really attract. Unfortunately, as they neared the end of season 5, they seemed to be moving toward divorce. IN 90 days fiancé: Single life season 2, the duo appeared briefly to announce their separation before the crew followed Syngin on his new journey as a single.


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In a recent Instagram Q&A, a fan asked, “If you could change 1 thing in your relationship with Syngin, what would you do differently?” Tania surprised many fans to which she replied, “To escape more of the responsibility I felt for his happiness.” Tania went on to talk about the misfortune Syngin felt and how she tried to come up with activities to make him more comfortable. After several suggestions such as camping or going to the bar, or even taking a class, Tania and Syngin wore themselves out.

Tania Maduro: TLC: 90 Days Engaged

At some point, Tania thought Syngin was the love of her life, which explains why she would work so hard to keep the relationship in a positive direction. “I was so focused on what I could do for him to make happy … that I wore myself out, and in return saw him.” Despite 90 days engaged the star’s confirmation of the breach, with comments such as “We are finito“” or “Do not revive“fans still think this duo was the perfect couple. They are disappointed to see Syngin on the spin-off.

Although Syngin may be ready to move on and start dating, Tania still feels the pain of the breakup. However, that will not stop the popular 90 days engaged star from working towards his goals. Tania is ready to learn from the past and has made a new five-year plan. Fans are excited to see what awaits Tania.

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Source: Tania Maduro/ Instagram

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