Sukhna catchment area case: SC orders authorities to carry out maintenance and repair work in Kansal region

On the plea of ​​residents of Kansal seeking repair, maintenance and improvement of basic amenities, the High Court of Punjab and Haryana ordered authorities to carry out repairs, maintenance and improvement necessary and basic – development works related to roads, sewers, drainage, water supply and electricity in the area.

The division of Judges Jaswant Singh and Harinder Singh Sidhu, allowing plea for Kansal residents, said: local authorities concerned and take appropriate action as needed within one week of grievance (s). The Chamber stated that the report of the repair and maintenance work undertaken must be filed with the court no later than the next court date.

The claim was brought by the residents of Kansal to the HC, after the court heard the request for review challenging the HC’s order issued on March 2, 2020, regarding the Sukhna Lake catchment area case.

The plaintiffs, residents of Kansal, through lead lawyer Gurminder Singh, assisted by lawyer Gurnoor Sandhu, requested that maintenance work be carried out by the government of Punjab during the course of this review appeal. , in order to prevent the residents of the region from the inconvenience caused due to the dilapidated conditions due to the complete cessation of maintenance activities for 10 years.

Le Banc, after hearing the plea from the residents of Kansal and the response from the National Institute of Hydrology, found that while the determination of the issue regarding the correct delineation of the Lake Sukhna watershed is pending, in the Meanwhile, given the brief response from the National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, the affidavit of Managing Director, Naya Gaon, the court cannot condone the health, hygiene and safety of residents of the Kansal region under the master plan and under the jurisdiction of the Naya Gaon City Council.

“The indulgence sought by the applicants concerns the basic amenities necessary for a safe and healthy life for the residents of these constructions, raised in the area of ​​the master plan also after obtaining the necessary approvals and sanctions from the local authorities regarding their constructions. . Said the Bench.