Stephanie Matto creates about who her fart jar clients are

Stephanie Matto’s success with fart jars had many curious as to who is actually buying her gas for $ 1000 per. The 90 Day Fiancé star tells it all.

Stephanie Matto from 90 days engaged has revealed who her fart glass customers are after retiring from the company due to a heart attack. The world’s # 1 speed entrepreneur Stephanie became an internet sensation when she announced that she was selling her belly air in glass jars for $ 1000 each. While many rejected her business idea for being insane, Stephanie managed to earn over $ 200,000 by using her own adult content website called UnFilterd to sell her goods. Since her health has prevented Stephanie from farting any longer, she has now launched fart jar NFTs, which are also a success. Now, Stephanie would like to give away a fart jar to Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, but she has now opened up about the hundreds of people who have paid good money just for a tinge of her wind.


31-year-old Stephanie, who already has a severe case of aplastic anemia, got a shock when she had to leave her business plan as she had too many prayers. Stephanie, who can currently be seen dating both men and women 90 days: Single life had a high-fiber diet that included eggs, muffins and protein shakes to produce 50 glasses in a week. But it cost Stephanie, who thought she was going to die of the pain in her chest. The idea of ​​fart jars was started by Stephanie on a whim, but she was shocked to see them sell like hot cakes and people call her inspiring. Her followers are still helping Stephanie make more money than 90 days engaged checks could have paid her, for as she says, “farts are the future. “

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In an interview with EOnline Stephanie shared that she as an entrepreneur is someone who always ends up finding more ways to make money. So far, Stephanie says she’s semi-retired from draining her gas, as her NFTs can be redeemed for real fart jars, queef jars and even lingerie. According to Stephanie, “most of her clients are men between 25 and 45 years old. “Stephanie has observed that lots of orders are coming in from the United States from the Midwest. But the rest are international orders that could have been the result of Stephanie’s fame reaching far and wide in all corners of the world.

I have many customers from India, Czech Republic“, Stephanie admitted. 90 days engaged fans are aware of that Stephanie and her mother Magda Ballaro moved to the outskirts of New York City, Yonkers from the Czech Republic when she was only 7 years old. Other countries interested in ordering Stephanie’s fart jars are the UK, Canada. While Keanu has not yet responded to Stephanie’s big gesture, she says there is “a person who is a bit in the eyes of the public”There is also expressed interest in buying a jar.

But Stephanie is obviously not okay with making the person’s identity public, then 90 days engaged fans may never know their identity. Another reality TV star, Farrah Abraham from Teenage mother apparently posted about sending a happiness jar with his feces to followers in a now deleted video circulating on the internet. When asked if she would be interested in putting her number two up for sale, Stephanie has said no to poop jars. So far, Stephanie is basking in the glory her big idea has given her as she makes more money and keeps her clientele happy.

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Source: EOnline, Stephanie Matto/ Instagram

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