Sherlock Holmes 3 Fan trailer shows Robert Downey Jr. protecting the Queen

Sherlock Holmes 3 gets a fan-made trailer exploring new plot possibilities, including Robert Downey Jr.’s detective protecting the queen.

Robert Downey Jr.’s acclaimed scout is back in a fan-made trailer for Sherlock Holmes 3. Last seen in the sequel A game of shadows, Sherlock Holmes was reportedly plunged to his death while defeating arch-enemy Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris). But just before the credits ran out, it was revealed that Holmes – as in the book – found a way to escape the dreaded Swiss waterfall. Despite this, it seemed that he decided not to reveal his brave survival to anyone, leaving his family, friends and colleagues to believe that he was truly gone forever.

Although Warner Bros. ‘ action-packed restart of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous creation has received positive reception since its first outing with Sherlock Holmes in 2009, its future as a series since the second film has been less concrete. Various script changes and director changes have affected the development on the third episode. Despite Downey Jr. is now free of its Marvel obligations and Rocket man director Dexter Fletcher is confirmed to control Sherlock Holmes 3 after Guy Ritchie’s work on the first two films, there is still no word on when a release date or even shooting schedule will come. In October 2020, Fletcher announced that the project has been put on hold.


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Of course, this delay has not extinguished the excitement the audience still has for the upcoming film. Speculation is still rife about which enemies Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (Jude Law) will face. Binge See this has uploaded a fan-made trailer to YouTube that brings some of these speculations to life. Using footage from the two previous episodes as well as from other films such as Sherlockian Parody Holmes and Watson, the trailer explores the possibility that the Victorian heroes are protecting the queen from a murder plot.

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The trailer’s proposal for the couple facing regicidal lunatics is one that is certainly in line with the series’ tradition of having high stakes, nation-collapsing issues for the duo to solve. But while those who enjoy watching Sherlock Holmes at work may have just passed the decade mark of awaiting the release of the next film, they have hardly been starved of Sherlock-related content. Since the release of A game of shadows, the amount of Holmes-related media has grown exponentially. From the BBC Sherlock and CBSs Elementary to Netflix Enola Holmes and The irregular ones, it’s hard to escape the plethora of Holmes adaptations currently on offer. So when Sherlock Holmes 3 finally released, it will have to contend with more competition than it had in 2011.

That said, the release of this fan-made trailer is a strong indication that the enthusiasm for Downey Jr./Law’s interpretation of the characters is no less glowing than it was ten years ago. It seems that the huge boom in Holmes’ media presence over the last ten years has increased the excitement for the future of the franchise as opposed to hampering it. With Downey Jrs intent on having one Marvel-like cinematic universe for his Sherlock Holmes, it seems that the audience has a lot to look forward to. Either way, while details on Sherlock Holmes 3 remains as enigmatic as ever, Warner Bros. might be assured that their Conan Doyle adaptations have not lost any of the worship that made them so successful.

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