Security breach DLC options are next

DLC for FNAF: Security Breach could add depth to the story and solve many of the unanswered questions left in the game, such as what happened to Bonnie.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach opened the door to something new too FNAF franchise. With a unique gameplay style and more AAA release, FNAF: Security breach‘s possibility of DLC is highly likely as it is already being talked about. A good DLC could solve many plot holes and unanswered questions in the game.

The players were left with many unanswered questions, such as where Bonnie and Foxy ind FNAF: Security breach, and why can Chica’s arcade games not be played? Answering these questions could open up something more in-depth in the game. Mega Pizzaplex is pretty comprehensive, and there are plenty of activities that developers can add to DLC.


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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security breach has had significant bugs and errors since its first release. Patches and updates are needed in the game, but developers Jason Topolski and Ray McCaffrey are already talking about DLC. In an interview with YouTuber Dawko, the two developers vaguely mentioned that DLC was on its way. The developers did not give many details, but they said so FNAF: Security breach multiplayer has not been forgotten.

Will Bonnie return in FNAF: Security Breach DLC?

A great addition to DLC for FNAF: Security breach would be to find out what happened to Bonnie. Bonnie has been a significant character in the series and appeared in almost everyone FNAF game. IN Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, Bonnie is said to have disappeared through various banknotes in Pizzaplex. The letters say Bonnie was once part of the band but was shut down and Monty took his place.

A good deal of the DLC could clarify why Bonnie, the beloved FNAF character, disappeared. Opening a mission about Bonnie’s disappearance can allow the player to dig deeper into the Bonnie Bowl area of ​​the game. Players could find out more about Monty’s suspicion of the act and if Monty killed Bonnie or not.

FNAF: Security Breach DLC could add Foxy

FNAF-Security-Breach-Kids Cove

Foxy is also a character known from the original FNAF title but missing in Security breach. Foxy has a section in Pizzaplex called Kids Cove filled with pirate-themed decorations. A great DLC addition could be to add a Glamrock Foxy to the game as yet another animatronics chasing the player. Foxy’s area is very colorful and full of details. There could be several activities available in the Kid’s Cove area, such as using the roller coaster and interacting with the octopus and the pirate ship.

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Throughout FNAF: Security breach, there are hidden arcade games. Some of the playable arcade games are Ballon Boy and Monty Golf. Although Glamrock Chica’s arcade game cannot be played, there is a secret message in the bakery about the arcade game and how it stays on even when it is not connected. IN FNAF: Security breach, every Princess Quest game adds to the overall story. Adding multiple playable arcade games to DLC can do the same for the story.

FNAF: Security Breach DLC could make Glamrock Chicas arcade work

Chica Magnet is one of FNAF: Security Breach's many collectibles.

There are rumors in FNAF community that the Chica arcade game was originally meant to be playable. Although the arcade game can not be played now, the addition of a fun Chica mission in DLC can unlock the arcade game and give the player more information about the game’s history. It would be nice to see each character have their own playable arcade game that shows how they became the Glamrock version of animatronics.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach has brought a new style of play to the franchise. Although some bugs and errors need to be fixed, there is talk that DLC is on its way. It would be nice to get more story depth in DLC, like where Sun and Moon’s animatronics came from, or who built them. Giving the new animatronics their own stories could strengthen FNAF: Security breachends. Although there is no release date or time frame for Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach DLC, developers discuss it.

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