Search Party Season 5 will be a Sh-t show with epic proportions, Star says

Meredith Hagner and her co-stars share their thoughts that Search Party is coming to an end, praising the series’ final season 5 and its direction.

Search team Star Meredith Hagner teases that season 5 will be its craziest and funniest season yet. The dark comedy first premiered on TBS in 2016, before finally finding its home on HBO Max after the renewal of season 3. The show takes place primarily in New York City and follows a group of rather self-absorbed friends who become entangled in a ominous mystery surrounding the disappearance of a former college acquaintance. Search team has been praised by fans and critics for its humor and satire, as well as the performance of its cast, which manages to portray flawed, yet relatable and sympathetic characters, such as Hagners Portia Davenport. Other league stars include Alia Shawkat, John Reynolds, John Early and Brandon Michael Hall.


The last season of Search teams, season 4, so Dory is being held captive in a basement that served as a replica of her Brooklyn apartment after an attack by superfan who became stalker, Chip Wreck. Chip kept her with his aunt Lylah and insisted he was a better influence than her friends. After being found and rediscovered by Drew, Portia and Elliot, Dory began to show signs of Stockholm syndrome, eventually leaving her friends behind and returning to Lylah’s home. Chip denied her requests to be taken back, and Lylah locked her inside the basement again before burning the house down, resulting in Dory’s friends believing she perished. Given the critical success and fans reactions around season 4, HBO Max renewed Search team to the last season 5, which premieres on January 7 and is expected to start right where season 4 left off.

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E! News recently reported on how the cast of Search team felt heading into last season. Shawkat noted that it’s hard to accept the end of a series, while Hagner joked that she’s not feeling well. In discussing Search team season 5, John Reynolds teased that as with every season before, it will be “campier and campier.” Hagner backed this and praised the series’ creators and writers, Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers, for making it “-one s – t show of epic proportions“Shawkat added:

“It’s definitely going to be a bit sluggish this season. It’s going to be more extreme … It definitely has a technicolor rainbow, a kind of surreal, psychedelic vibe about it this year.”

Search Parties Meredith Hagner, John Reynolds and John Early

While the details in Search team season 5 plot remains unknown, fans can expect the show to handle its cliffhanger season 4, which ends quite early to make room for any other surprises in its “eliminated” history. A change that many have been excited about is coming in Jeff Goldblums Search team casting message. The actor is set to star in the series’ final season 5 as Tunnel Quinn, a tech billionaire who enters into a business partnership with Dory. An earlier Search team season 5 trailer focuses on Dory’s near-death experience and sees her dealings with Goldblum’s Quinn make her a complete cult leader.

The scene is definitely set to Search team and its cast of actors to once again pull it all out and deliver fans of the show one last bow that is as surprising as it is darkly funny. It looks like the series will dive directly into Dory’s survival and her friends’ reactions, and it’s going to be interesting to see how her status as a cult leader affects them. With veteran stars like Goldblum in the mix, Search team season 5 is sure to deliver on “crazy” and “campy” history as its stars have promised.

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Source: E! News

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