Sahil Shroff on his expulsion from Bigg Boss 15: shocked negative people are still on the show

Actor Sahil Shroff became the first candidate for get kicked out of Bigg Boss 15. On Sunday, Salman Khan announced that Sahil received the fewest votes among all the candidates. The host also removed Sahil and Simba Nagpal for not being “seen enough” in the episodes. After his elimination, the Don 2 actor said he was not disheartened but rather surprised that all of his funny moments never made it to television, which led to him being banned from the series.

In an exclusive conversation with, Sahil shared that since it was a very short passage, it’s not too sad. The actor said he misses his family and is happy to be getting his “amazing life” back. “However, I became an observer and got a new perspective after watching the episode. I’m really amazed that so many negative people are still inside while I’m outside. I still can’t seem to make it happen. to understand what happened, ”he added with a smile.

The actor further shared that his friends and family also told him that he was all over Voot’s music videos and that it was shocking that he never had enough footage on TV. “I was starting to get into the rhythm of the game. I was participating in tasks, I even sacrificed my clothes to help the team find food. I also organized meditation sessions, which were never shown. Someone like Rahul Roy won the show years ago. I walked out after doing the right things while the wicked side of Pratik applauded.

Sahil Shroff does not regret having resumed the show because he wanted to challenge himself. However, he’s shocked that as a society people want voyeuristic pleasure rather than watching something good on screen. He also added that he wanted to take Salman’s words as motivation, however, the next moment he was out. Even though the 13 junglewasis were named after Pratik Sehajpal broke up ownership of the house, Sahil does not blame him but believes he should have been punished for his action. He added: “Everyone was trying to warm each other up. Also, if we were to be nominated by co-competitors, I would never have been on the list. I was winning hearts. My game was fine.

Sharing that he misses his friends Karan Kundrra, Ieshaan Sehgaal, Miesha Iyer and Simba Nagpal, Sahil added that he formed a fun equation with Simba, and he is shocked that it was never projected. About Miesha and Ieshaan’s love affair, he smiled and said, “Because I know them, I think it’s genuine. But nothing surprises me anymore.

This week, the nominees are Afsana Khan, Vishal Kotian, Ieshaan Sehgaal, Donal Bisht, Akasa Singh and Vidhi Pandya.