Russian shelling continues in Chernihiv, and troops remain in Kiev despite withdrawal, British intelligence claims

Russian shelling continues in the northern city of Chernihiv, while troops continue to hold positions near Kiev despite Moscow’s claim, it would drastically reduce its presence around the territories, The British Ministry of Defense has said that.

Russian forces continue to hold positions east and west of Kiev despite the withdrawal of a limited number of units, the MoD said in its latest intelligence update. “Fierce fighting is likely to take place in the city’s suburbs in the coming days.”

Significant shelling and airstrikes continued in Chernihiv, the ministry added, while fierce fighting continues in the besieged southeastern city of Mariupol, where up to 170,000 people remain trapped without access to water, food or electricity.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an overnight speech that any movement of Russian troops is “the consequence of the works of our defenders,” rather than a withdrawal.

Ukraine preparing for new attacks on the pro-Russian separatist region of Donbas, Mr Zelensky said after Russia said during peace talks in Turkey on Tuesday that it would radically cut back on its presence around the capital to concentrate on “liberating” the eastern separatist areas of the Donbas.

But Ukraine sees “a build-up of Russian forces for new attacks on the Donbas, and we are preparing for that,” the Ukrainian leader said, five weeks after Russia’s land, air and sea invasion of its former Soviet neighbor.

The invasion has so far driven more than 3.5 million people from their homes, killed thousands, sent global oil prices skyrocketing and brought Russian-Western tensions to their worst point since the Cold War.

Hard resistance from Ukrainian forces has prevented Russia from conquering any major city, including Kiev, where a Russian armed column was held back for weeks.

The head of Britain’s GCHQ spy service said new intelligence services showed that some Russian soldiers had refused to carry out orders, sabotaged their own equipment and accidentally shot down one of their own planes.

Head of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) Jeremy Fleming said Russian President Vladimir Putin had “massively misjudged” the capabilities of Russia’s once-mighty armed forces, while underestimating both the resistance of the Ukrainian people and the determination of the West, which has largely punished Moscow. coordinated sanctions.

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“Putin has massively misjudged the situation,” Mr Fleming said in a speech in Canberra at the Australian National University, according to a transcript of his remarks. “We believe Putin’s advisers are afraid to tell him the truth.”

At the same time, the United States has claimed that Mr Putin being “misled” by Russian officials over the terrible status of the nation’s war effort in Ukraine because they are afraid to tell him the truth.

“We have information that Putin felt misled by the Russian military, which has resulted in ongoing tensions between Putin and his military leadership,” Kate Bedingfield, White House communications director, told reporters during a news briefing.

“We believe Putin is being misinformed by his advisers about how badly the Russian military is doing and how the Russian economy is being crippled by sanctions because his top advisers are too scared to tell him the truth,” she added.

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