Rose burns engagement rumors with boyfriend in new photo

Rose Vega surprises 90 Day Fiancé fans by posting yet another image with its new mysterious beauty. This time she shows a new ring on her left hand.

Former 90 days engaged star Rose Vega has recently shared a photo of herself holding her husband’s hand while wearing a sparkling ring. The 26-year-old reality star was in the program with San Diego native Big Ed in 2020. But the couple broke up in the Philippines, and Ed returned to the United States. He is now engaged to Liz Woods, who was with him on 90 days: Single life. While Ed has moved on, Rose also thrives as a YouTuber, model and Instagram influencer with over 600,000 followers.

Rose has not commented on her ex-boyfriend Ed’s engagement, which means she’s not worried about him at all. Another big reason for this seems to be her relationship with a new man. Recently, Rose announced her change of relationship status on social media. The Filipino native shared a video on Instagram while holding the hand of her new mysterious husband. While Rose retained her new boyfriend’s identity a secret she confirmed she had finally found the love of her life.


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After spending a romantic holiday with its beauty in Thailand, Rose now teasing an engagement. Rose recently had a Q&A session on Instagram where she responded 90 days engaged viewers’ curious questions. One of her fans asked, “Have you found love since Big Ed?“Rose did not avoid the question and wrote proudly,”YES. “She also shared a photo of her holding her beauty in her hand. In the photo, fans can see Rose wearing a cute star-shaped ring. that 90 days engaged star wore the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, it looks like she got engaged to her new boyfriend during their Thailand trip.

90 day fiancé - Rose Vega-fiancé-ring-girlfriend

Another fan asked the TLC star a question about her trip, “Did you declare in Ph immigration that you want to meet your bf in thailand?“Rose shared a photo from the airport and replied,”Yes. I show evidence. I also show my ticket back.“While answering another fan, she revealed that she is not watching 90 days: Single life or anyone else 90 days engaged spin-offs because she’s pretty busy with her “Store and Youtube“Although Rose has not revealed the identity of her new husband, many fans are speculating that he must be a big upgrade from 56-year-old reality star Ed.

Rose’s new boyfriend is still a mysterious man to the fans as she has not yet revealed his face. Many details about him are not known, but it seems that he is not from the Philippines because 90 days engaged celeb flew to Thailand to meet him. In any case, Rose and her 6-year-old, Prince, seem very happy with him. If Rose is really engaged to her new boyfriend, 90 days engaged fans are very happy for her.

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Source: Rose Vega/ Instagram

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