Rishi Sunak warned against controlling cost of living as No. 10 urges Tory MPs on new measures

Rishi Sunak will be forced to step in to help households struggling with the cost of living crisis, or will be forced to draw up an emergency budget before the summer, senior tories have warned.

Downing Street has sounded MPs over what more can be done to tackle the problem amid growing concern among those behind it that living standards will fall to their lowest level since World War II.

with rising energy prices and tax increases kicking in alongside violent inflation, the Conservative MPs are urges the Chancellor to do more to help those who feel trapped.

Sir. Sunak set out a package of measures in his spring statement last month, including raising the national insurance payout threshold, but the Tory backers do not believe the interventions go far enough and demand he do more.

I understands that Boris Johnson’s Deputy Chief of Staff, David Canzini, has spoken to Tory MPs about what they want to see from the government, amid growing concerns that they will be inundated with litigation dealing with the cost of living crisis.

“It’s something everyone knows is on the way because so far we’ve had a fake war, and the price increases have actually not bitten. But now that they have, we’ll see a serious increase in litigation, not just from households, but from small businesses, ”said a Tory MP.

There is concern that Mr Sunak has not understood the seriousness of the situation facing households, and the Honorable Member adds: “We will have to take other measures, otherwise we will be faced with a fall in living standards, not seen since World War II. “

The Chancellor has repeatedly insisted that he will only draw up a renewed set of policies for the autumn, when the energy price ceiling is expected to rise once more.

But with the prospect of local elections just around the corner and fears that the cost-of-living crisis may resonate until the next election, MEPs warn that Mr Sunak may have to do more sooner.

Andrew Bridgen, who until last month had sent a letter of no confidence to the prime minister, said: “None of what has been said so far will suffice and unless more comes, there must be an emergency budget before the summer holidays.”

The North West Leicestershire Tory MP has said the government should turn to party leaders – such as Nigel Lawson, Kenneth Clarke and Norman Lamont – for advice on the issue of violent inflation, which has not been seen since the late 1970s. ‘erne.

Immediately after the spring declaration, Mr Johnson insisted that the government would “fix” the cost of living crisis after Mr Sunak’s package of measures was hit by the media.

The Labor Party calls for an unexpected tax on the big oil and gas companies to help ease the pressure on the poorest households, but Whitehall sources again ruled out the prospect of such a tax, highlighting the $ 25 billion. -carbon energy last week.

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