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Resident Alien will be back on SyFy and broadcast weekly episodes; here is everything we know about the release date of season 2, story details and characters.

Date of release of Syfy’s Residents living here Season 2 is fast approaching – and fans can expect more crazy twists and turns from Alan Tudyk’s alien lead, Harry Vanderspiegel. Season 1 ended with a shocking cliffhanger that meant Harry had to return to Earth, whether he wanted to or not. Fortunately, Residents living here was renewed by Syfy for another installment shortly before the first season ended, meaning this story would have a satisfactory conclusion.

Considered one of the best new sci-fi TV series in 2021, Residents living here is a sci-fi comedy and drama based on the cartoon created by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. The show follows an alien who comes to Earth with the mission to destroy all human life. He assumes the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspiegel – after murdering the real Dr. Vanderspiegel – and finds himself reluctantly preoccupied with the local community, Patience, Colorado.


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By Residents living here season 1 finale, Harry no longer wants to ruin life on earth. Not only does he have strong feelings for local nurse Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko), but he has forged a reluctant friendship with 9-year-old Max Hawthorne (Judah Prehn) – an early child with a unique genetic mutation that allows him to to see Harry’s true form. The trailer for Residents living here season 2 suggests that these characters will return and they will also be joined by some new faces. Here is everything we know about Residents living here season 2, including its release date, updates, story details, and characters.

Resident Alien season 2 release date

Alan Tudyk by a truck in Resident Alien

Syfy green light Residents living here season 2 prior to the finale on March 31, and as a result, the show continues its winter release schedule. The official Residents living here season 2 release date is January 26, 2022. The first episode is titled “Old Friends” and episode 2 is titled “The Wire”. The show will be released weekly, but so far there is no confirmation yet of how many episodes there are in season 2.

Resident Alien season 2 cast

As confirmed by the season 2 trailer, most of cast from Residents living here season 1 returns for season 2. The urban population survived all the events of the finale, just as Lieutenant David Logan (Alex Barima) did – although the latter is now being hunted by his former partner Lisa Casper (Mandell Maughan). The squid from the restaurant from season 1 (also revealed to be an alien) is back and seems to have a much bigger role (stated by Nathan Fillion). The biggest change for Residents living here season 2 is the addition of Alex Borstein in the role of Carlyn, Harry’s new love interest.

Resident Alien season 2 story details

Though Syfy show makes several changes in Residents living here comics, which serves as source material, season 2 will likely continue to be loosely based on the overall plot of the comics. Both the cartoon and the TV adaptation center on an alien who assumes the identity of Harry Vanderspeigle and solves (human) mysteries – all the while being pursued by “Men in Black” government figures. However Residents living here season 2 trailer suggests that the main story for the next episode involves Harry trying to prevent his species from killing all the humans. At the same time, Harry pursues a relationship with the awkward Carlyn, while Asta struggles with her knowledge of who Harry really is – and how dangerous he could be.

Residents living here season 1 also ended on a cliffhanger to be solved: Harry definitely returned because he had Max as a blind passenger, and the trailer confirms as good as much. Yet there are more asks questions about it Residents living here season 2 must answer. The Season 1 finale opened with the twist that the original Dr. Vanderspeigle murdered Dr. Sam Hodges – which means the sheriff arrested the wrong person. This mystery is likely to be central to the ongoing plot.

That Residents living here season 2 trailer also suggests that D’Arcy is trying to discover the truth about what Asta is hiding from her and that Max is not done bothering Harry. Finally, Sherrif Mike Thompson (Corey Reynolds) and Deputy Liv Baker (Elizabeth Bowen) grows ever closer to revealing the mystery of the foot in the lake – where Liv in particular believes UFOs could be involved. All of this suggests that more unwanted attention will come Harry’s way in Residents living here season 2.

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