Rajnath presents 21 medals to Coast Guard personnel

Awarding 21 medals for bravery and meritorious service to Indian Coast Guard personnel, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that a “comprehensive framework of internal and external security is not possible without maritime security”. Keeping India’s sea areas “safe, secure and pollution-free, ensures our security and economic development needs together,” Singh said.

The country is now moving “on the path of rapid development” and “unhindered maritime activity is one of our major needs in this direction,” he said. “As a rising sea power, our prosperity depends heavily on the sea.”

The Coast Guard, he said, has always been at the forefront in promoting regional cooperation, maintaining maritime peace in the Indian Ocean region and working closely with international maritime agencies.

Congratulating the staff for their acts of bravery, he said he makes sure that “maritime safety has had an equal impact not only on our region but also in the neighborhood”. Every successful Coast Guard mission, said the defense minister, is proof of its effectiveness and effective response.

He also appreciated the Coast Guard’s campaign against smuggling, including illegal arms and drug trafficking. “Such things not only hurt our economy, but more importantly, they have a detrimental effect on our society and our nation. There is not one but many such incidents where you played an important role and upheld the reputation of the Sentinels of the Sea. ”

The 21 medals he awarded on Saturday included three President’s Tatrakshak Medals (Distinguished Service), eight Tatrakshak Medals (Gallantry) and 10 Tatrakshak Medals (Meritorious Service).

The Defense Ministry said in a statement that in the past year, the Coast Guard carried out 70 medical evacuations, conducted 555 search and rescue operations and saved the lives of more than 1,090 people.