Rajendra Trivedi beats to speed up trials

Beginning on the second day of his Jan Ashirwaad Yatra, seeking blessings at the Swaminarayan temple at Atladara in Vadodara on Friday, the government minister of Gujarat responsible for Revenue, Law and Justice, Disaster Management, and Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Rajendra Trivedi said on Friday he would focus on ensuring that “court cases are not delayed because of government litigants”.

Trivedi was on his first visit to his hometown of Vadodara after being sworn in to the new state cabinet and will visit his constituency of Raopura on Saturday.

Interacting with the media in Atladara, Trivedi said: “Until the day before the weather was such that we would be scared at night with lightning and heavy downpours. He behaved like the Congress… When the Jan Ashirwad Yatra left Kheda, there was not a drop of rain. Now even nature knows that it shouldn’t hinder honest service work for people… ”

Trivedi, who practiced as a lawyer for several years before becoming elected, said he would draw on his experiences when handling the law and justice portfolio. Stressing the need to ensure that trials are not delayed, he said: “My attempt is to ensure that trials do not go on for long, especially because of government litigants… They continue to constitute a long list of witnesses and testimonies and cross-examinations. become a long process. The need is to ensure that the most relevant and reliable witnesses are called to speed up trials and help courts deliver justice.

Trivedi, who also owns the income portfolio, said: “As part of the income obligations, it will be my serious effort to ensure that people’s issues are resolved quickly… no one will be able to challenge my honesty. I will keep travel to a minimum and be available in my office so people approaching services can find instant solutions.

He added that the change of cabinet does not change the objective of the BJP. “The BJP was in power and is still in power. Only people with responsibilities have changed, but our path and our goal are still the same. We will progress in the same direction. Party workers are our strength. People bring their problems to the party workers and they act as a medium to communicate them to us. So we will keep our party workers very close… Wherever strict action is needed, I will too. ” he said.

As he started up the Mahuda yatra in Kheda district on Thursday, Trivedi spoke of the “large number of Muslim workers” at the BJP, which would send a message to Congress. He said, “Mahuda has such a large Muslim population; so many Muslims here are workers of the BJP party. The way I was greeted when I arrived here, I can say that in future Assembly polls Congress will learn what the real meaning of “Sab ka saath, sab ka vikaas” – the slogan of the faith given by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. It is a common goal, a common direction. During the time of Covid-19, the government did not see if a person was a Valmiki, a Patel or a Muslim … whatever was possible was done by the district administrations.

Citing examples of the work being done in his constituency of Raopura, Trivedi said: “In Raopura we did something unthinkable… up to 400 party members came out and disinfected houses without worrying about their own lives. . Not a single Congress Party employee was seen outside… not a single BJP employee was sitting at home… (during the pandemic)… they made sure food was available for them. 1.2 lakh of people… Even when the state government issued a circular that we will have to stop preparing meals and providing people for safety reasons, party workers continued to help and serve the people. people… some of our party workers were also martyred while serving people, but they are in our hearts today… ”

Trivedi also explained how Vadodara’s “Rajendra Trivedi Fan Club” organized a special Shramik Express to send migrants stranded in Uttar Pradesh during the lockdown “without the media being able to report a single mistake”.