Raiden Ei’s Story Quest 2 explained

Genshin impactInazuma’s Region was first released in version 2.0. After this update, 5-star Electro Polearm user Raiden Shogun premiere on the featured banner in version 2.1 after previously appearing as an NPC. Raiden Shogun’s identity was revealed through Inazuma’s Archon Quests along with unresolved issues that would later be expanded in Raiden Ei’s Story Quests.

[Warning: Spoilers for Raiden Shogun’s Story Quests below.]

Raiden Ei is the current Electro Archon by Inazuma. Formerly a tense environment that was forced to maintain a faded idea of ​​eternity, the state of Inazuma changed along with its Archon. Following Fatui’s Delusion distribution plan and the traveler’s successful duel against Raiden Ei, Archon chooses to repeal the Vision Hunt decree and works to repeal the many years of her misguided reign.


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In Raiden Ei’s first Story Quest – “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter, Act I: Reflections of Mortality” – the traveler meets Ei, who is now staying in the real world instead of the Euthymia planet, after the end of the Vision Hunt decree. In addition to talking to Genshin impact‘s Yae Miko, accompanies the traveling Ei as they take her on a tour of the streets of Inazuma with food, novels and pictures to commemorate their time together. The task ends with Ei deciding a duel between warring clans.

Genshin Impact reveals Inazuma’s past with afterimages

Raiden Ei’s second Story Quest – “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter, Act II: Transient Dreams” – begins with the Adventurers’ Guild instructing the traveler to get rid of the hordes of Rifthounds that have emerged to attack the sacred Sakura. There, the traveler and Paimon cross their paths with Ei, who seems to be doing his part in eliminating the monsters. They work together to overcome the threat, while Ei remembers that Rifthounds’ attack is reminiscent of the era of Cataclysm 500 years before.

After examining the damaged roots of the sacred sakura, a samurai named Kitamura emerges from the mist. Since the samurai is incorporeal, the shape resembles the afterimages that had manifested itself in Tsurumi Island i Genshin impact. Kitamura behaves in the same way as these afterimages and behaves as if he is still in the middle of the previous fight. When the nation of Khaenri’ah fell all these centuries ago, Inazuma was attacked and plagued by monsters. Kitamura advises the group to flee when Shogun and Kitsune Saiguu – a close ally of Ei, who was consumed by a “dark will” during these events – were gone. After Ei’s assurance that she has returned and Inazuma is safe, Kitamura disappears.

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After tracking down several monsters, the traveler and Ei stumble upon another afterimage of Furuyama – an old acquaintance of Ei and her twin sister, Makoto – who specialized in tea. Instead of the panic that Kitamura had shown, Furuyama admits that he knows his end is near and that he has no regrets. Although Furuyama is gone when the group returns with the desired tea set, Ei and the traveler discuss the events of the past Inazuma.

During their third encounter with monsters, Ei fights against Riftounds ind Genshin impact solo, though she noticeably freezes during some of her maneuvers. The expressions of three samurai fight alongside her, and once they proclaim their loyalty and hope in her guidance as an Archon, they disappear. Ei freezes again, and it is then that she asks the traveler to bring her to the torii gate under the Grand Narukami Shrine, where an entrance to Makoto’s preserved consciousness awaits. In consciousness, Ei begins his century-long duel against Raiden Shogun while the traveler is forcibly expelled.

Genshin Impact: Raiden Ei’s 500-year battle against Raiden Shogun Puppet

Like two of Genshin impact‘s Raiden Shoguns fight in Makoto’s preserved consciousness, the traveler goes to warn the sanctuary maiden Yae Miko about Ei’s situation. Ei has chosen to stay in the kingdom to duel the Shogun to prove that her change of perspective regarding eternity was for the betterment of Inazuma rather than from erosion – something that had distorted the minds of others, such as Zhongli’s old companion, Azhdaha.

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With the help of Yae Miko, the traveler and Paimon return to Makoto’s kingdom. When they enter, they are confronted with shattered images that contain events from both the past, present and future, although it is unclear which is which. Inside the kingdom, Ei is shocked to see them in the same regalia they wore before their last meeting, suggesting that it is centuries since she last saw them. With the traveling witness, Ei and Shogun prepare for their final duel to settle cases once and for all. This match is able to be challenged by players again in the new weekly magazine Raiden Shogun Boss Domain i Genshin impact.

After a grueling battle, Ei defeats the Shogun and gains the doll’s recognition that Ei is in control and her views have not been affected by erosion. The shogun gives her word that she will no longer try to stop Ei’s new vision for Inazuma. The shogun also assigns himself as Ei’s assistant, though Ei refuses to see her as merely a weapon. Instead, Ei sees her as an equal. Once Ei was Makoto’s shadow, Shogun will now become Ei’s shadow.

Genshin Impact’s time travel provides Ei closure with Makoto, the electroarcon of the past

When things have settled down between Ei and Shogun, Musou Isshin – the weapon that had been executed Genshin impact‘s Eighth Announcer, La Signora – starts to light up. From it emerges a fragment of Makoto’s preserved consciousness. Makoto had made sure that this would only happen in the event that Ei had successfully pulled her full force that Makoto knew she would. Since Makoto’s form is not able to last quite long, she gives Ei a single seed. Ei realizes that this is the seed from which the sacred sakura grows.

500 years before, the former Electro Archon Makoto had traveled to Khaenri’ah without first informing Ei. When Ei had managed to catch up with her twin, she was already unconscious and on the verge of death. They had taken an abrupt farewell inside her consciousness, and when Ei returned to Inazuma, she was shocked to discover that a large tree had grown in her absence – the sacred sakura. It is then discovered that the present Ei is the one who planted the seed so that the tree could grow in past Inazuma, all those years ago.

As one of The seven in Genshin impact, Makoto’s last wish for Ei to see the world through his eyes has come true. She and Ei share a proper, albeit bittersweet goodbye, before disappearing into sakura flowers, swept away by the wind. As they leave the realm of consciousness, the traveler and Ei return to the Great Narukami Shrine, where they pass on the events to Yae Miko. Now ready to step forward in the new Inazuma, Ei sincerely thanks everyone for their support. Genshin impact players will be able to see Inazuma’s progress towards a better eternity with each new update.

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