Rahul should direct Cong ASAP because Sonia is not doing well: Siddaramaaiah

Former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah said on Monday that Rahul Gandhi should take responsibility for the president of Congress and lead the party as soon as possible, given that Sonia Gandhi is not doing well.

“I suggested to Rahul ji that he become chairman of the congressional committee of India,” Siddaramaiah told reporters here on the sidelines of a function.

“It’s not that Sonia ji is unable to perform her duties as president. Sonia ji is not in good health. This is why I suggested to Rahul ji to take over as soon as possible, ”he added.

To a question about the shortage of coal in Karnataka, the congressman said that the Center had already clarified that there was no shortage.

He also felt that Karnataka does not need as much coal when renewable energy is abundantly available in the state.

Siddaramaiah said the Center had already made it clear that there was no shortage of coal in the country.

“In Karnataka too, according to my information, there is no shortage of coal. If the government says there is a shortage, then it is an artificial shortage, in my opinion, because so much coal is not needed for power generation, ”said the former chief minister.

“There is hydro, wind and solar power available. Therefore, as much coal-based energy is not needed, ”he explained.