Racial inequality is not just about discrimination or structural racism, the government’s plan claims

A long-awaited plan to tackle racial inequality set out in response to the controversial Sewell report has argued that the lack of opportunities in the UK should not be seen “solely through the prism of ethnic minorities”.

Sewell 2021 Report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Inequality was much criticized when it was releasedwhere some accuse it of “gas-illuminating” the public and undermining the experience of people of color in Britain.

In the midst of the fall, Commission President Tony Sewell got the offer of an honorary degree at Nottingham University withdrawn because he had become “the subject of political controversy”.

A government insider said they wanted to take the heat out of the issue after the angry reaction to the publication of the original report and show that ministers had listened to all the concerns.

But the answer must trigger a new series by holding on to the claim that racial differences are not primarily caused by discrimination, and by denying that structural or institutional racism is present in Britain.

The government has accepted all the recommendations of the report and announced its intention to implement them through its “including the UK Action Plan” with 70 issues to be addressed.

These, the government said, fall under three themes: building trust, promoting justice and creating freedom of action.

Among its commitments are a renewal of history curriculum for school children, advising employers on how to measure and report on ethnic pay gaps, and cracking down on online racist abuse through new legislation.

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Some are already underway, such as the establishment of the new Office for Health Differences, and some will be implemented in the coming months and years. Gender Equality Minister Kemi Badenoch will review progress in 2023.

“We have put together more than 70 concrete actions that will practically improve people’s lives,” she said.

“I am convinced that Britain is the fairest and most open country in the world, but there is more we can do to promote inclusion and enable everyone to reach their full potential.”

She added: “The reasons behind racial differences are complex and often misunderstood. Our new strategy is about action, not rhetoric and will help create a country where a person’s racial, social or ethnic background is no obstacle to achieving their ambitions. ”

Sir. Sewell said: “This is a major step towards a fairer, more open and more inclusive society, and, what is important, it focuses on the practical actions that will improve people’s lives. We should all throw our weight behind this strategy so that we can build a better society for all. “

Taiwo Owatemi, Labour’s shadow minister for women and gender equality, criticized the government for “undoubtedly” accepting the results of a report that “completely failed to identify or tackle the root causes of racial differences”.

“It is a shame that we have had to wait almost a year for the government’s response – and even worse, that it agrees with the original report’s denial of structural racism.

“Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have once again failed to deliver meaningful action. In doing so, they have failed black, Asian, and ethnic minority communities. ”

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